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Happiness is a good weekend.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Saturday started out beautifully, as my last blog mentions, and Sunday did, too!

Saturday night, I left my older girl with her father to take a bath, and I took the baby out with me while I went for a walk/jog. I walked for a quarter mile to warm up, then jogged for a mile and a quarter, walked for a quarter mile, jogged for a half mile, walked another quarter, then jogged another quarter and did a quarter mile cool down. Baby Cassey was fussy for the last half mile, but after all, it was dark and cold, and she forgot I was behind her the whole time. I'd reach over now and then and tap her on the forehead, and she would look up as if wandering where I came from, then smile. I did the whole thing in about 43 minutes. Even pushing the stroller.

Now, this could tell you a few things. First, it could tell you that they've re-opened the walking park I use--it's the easiest way to know the actual distance I've gone, and the mapped courses I use don't come to a round mile at all. Second, it could tell you that my husband is awesome. And third, you could know that I am steadily increasing the distance I am able to run, which makes me proud--though I still wouldn't call myself a runner. Finally, it could tell you that I got a new sports bra which really makes running a lot more comfortable.

Sunday, on the other hand, might have undone all that good work. My church had our annual Valentine's Day White Elephant Bingo party. I started out doing well, being responsible... two slices of pizza (which is more than the average lunch, but not too crazy) and I decided to have just one cupcake. And some iced tea, which was only mildly sweet. I'd been drinking water all day, so I continued that... but as the party went on, I just kept going to grab another handful of these little Ritz cracker candies one of my friends makes, or some more tea, or a meringue cookie... next thing you know, there have been a couple cupcakes, a slice of the French Lemon Yogurt Cake I made... which no one else was eating... a handful of Wheat Thins...

And THEN I went to my friend's house to visit for a while, because another friend had come over, and we haven't seen her in a while. My friend made tacos, which she makes so awesome that even though I was full, I had one. A couple more slices of my cake. Fortunately, when I decided to go ahead and go back for another taco, my friend had packed everything away into the refrigerator.

I don't really know why all the temptations got to me yesterday, just that I was tired from being out and keeping up with the girls all day, being surrounded by people who were eating, just having so much available! I had no problem resisting candy that was lying around, but I wasn't hungry and kept eating stuff anyway. Nothing was forbidden, but it seems like I just couldn't control my portions. And a big part of me was okay with that.

My Parents of Infants SparkTeam has a challenge of getting 30 minutes of cardio 5 days a week, this week. 5 days! Hey, it works out a perfect week to do it, because today is my husband's Friday... which means I'll have an easier time getting him to either come with me or keep the girls.

Hopefully he'll opt to come with me. He's been telling me he's been regaining some of the weight he lost when he stopped drinking Cokes. Though, now that he's drinking diet Cokes, he drinks more of them than he did when he drank regular Coke. And he switched to the diet Cokes because of his diabetes, not because he wanted to lose weight.

Best overheard line of the weekend: "I don't know, spaghetti has a lot of carbs. I might just have a sandwich."

Okay, it wasn't overheard. It was what my husband told me when I told him I was making spaghetti with meat sauce for dinner. My meat sauce is just Prego with ground beef and chopped veggies added in. Even my daughter will eat a little of the sauce and meat (but not veggies when she can identify them, and she helped chop the carrots!) with her spaghetti. But my man... well, he doesn't much like pasta, anyway. It's a real struggle, cooking healthy food at home.

emoticon This is me after beating my head against the wall.

Despite my food setbacks, I really enjoyed my weekend. I took old clothes to the resale shop, bought myself two new shirts, and bought my daughter 5 pair of neon striped socks for $1.45! and two more Backyardigans (which brought me to 4 of the 5 and set me on a mission to find that last one!) My girl loves that show--I wish I knew why it wasn't still on, because I actually liked it, too. (Thank goodness for Netflix!) Well, when we brought them home, she sat down to watch the Robot Rampage episode of the show with her "kids" in her lap and when one showed up on the screen, she would say, "Look, Tyrone! There's you! Oh, Miqua (that's how she says Uniqua, who is, I think, her favorite) that's you!" She proceeded to take them to church with her, and to the party... she loves them.

This week is going to be killer. Busy. But my husband will be off, so I will be loving it!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    You had are doing wonderful on you workouts and you are a runner. You are running hence call yourself a runner. You can do it.
    We all have our Sundays in life. First check to make sure you had eaten enough with all the workout you did all week. Yes your body could have been hungry. Not matter what forgive yourself and move one. Have a great week and enjoy the hubby.
    1887 days ago
    Wow good job on your run - Especially with a stroller. You will be a better runner for that.
    Too bad about Sunday - but you know we all go through those days. As long as you pick back up and move forward.
    I love the backyardigans too. My grand daughters love them. I didn't know they weren't on anymore. Sheeesh Show's you how much I pay attention.
    1887 days ago
    wow great weekend people and get together are always hard but if your like me you ate a lot more than your new normal and not nearly as but as you would have before SP so good for you move on and have a great week
    1887 days ago
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