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Monday, February 18, 2013

I've mentioned before about what a prick my new apartment manager is. Well, Friday I got a notice that "during routine maintenance" my house was too messy and one more notice and I'd be evicted. Seriously? Routine maintenance? I can't even get an air conditioner filter around this place! What happened to the work order I put in 6 weeks ago that was never followed up on? But he just left here a few moments ago after telling me that I'm not good enough and not taking care of "his" property properly and he'll back in 48 hours for a re-check and if I'm not up to standards I'll have 72 hours to move. There is no way I can meet the standards of someone who makes things up and lies because he's just picking on me! At this point I feel as though he just wants this apartment empty for some reason and maybe it has nothing to do with me.

Also, he's decided to blame my kids for the water leaking into the downstairs bathroom. Even though the floor is always dry when I go in there, it's apparently because of the water leaking through the floor. Just none of it stays on the floor to make it seem wet. Even when Riley's taking a bath, not a shower, with the curtains closed. So they're going to charge me for the repairs.

I have no idea how I'm going to move. I have no income. I have no savings. My parents are paying my rent, for crying out loud! My credit is shot. And I haven't lost any weight in 3 weeks! This must be pretty close to rock bottom because I'm starting to feel some awfully pointy rocks poking into me.
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    Make a list of everything. Keep records and dates of every incident. The fact that you blog a lot of this is helpful.
    1920 days ago
    I know I've mentioned this before, but I really believe you may need to do this: escrow your rent. Get a lawyer involved; many cities have free lawyers for the poor and disadvantaged. If you've gone to the courts about all he's put you through, he CAN'T evict you! You'll have to get started quickly, but you can prevent this. He can't blame you for this stuff, he can't enforce rules that are not in your lease and are ridiculous, and he can't just stop by whenever he wants - it is against the law!

    If you don't know where to start, call a social worker, call the attorney general's office, call the lieutenat governor's office, just call anyone you can imagine and ask question. Tell them what's going on and ask what you can do to fight this. Call the city inspector's office and get them out there to do a complaint evaluation.

    Trust me, you can fight this - I fought something just as horrible and I beat them. I chose to move out instead of stay because it was so bad, but I had the money and opportunity to move out, whereas you dont. You can fight this and stay until you find a new place.

    I know this stuff is incredibly overwhelming and terrible, but it's probably better for you to fight this - at least for the time being - than to be homeless. You have 2 autistic children and he's clearly taken advantage of that (he entered the home while only your son was there, without advanced notice, which is SERIOUSLY ILLEGAL), which also makes this a case of discrimination. You and your children are having your rights violated and I'm certain if you make phone calls and get people involve you will be able to get this guy put in his place,

    You're such an incredibly strong woman and I hope you stand up for your children's and your rights. You deserve it!

    A quick search and I found these websites:



    I'm sure there are even more places where you can get help, but these should help you get started. Have a list of complaints written down and mention that you have 2 autistic children and have nowhere to go. Be sure they know he has entered the apartment without prior notification when only your son was home and any other examples of discrimination. If he's doing this to you, you can be sure he's done it before, doing it now, and will do it again, but speaking up can put a stop to it. As I said, if nothing else getting this stopped until you can figure out what else to do is better than nothing. Contacting help may even allow them to give you assistance in finding a place more suited for your kids' health and development, as well as your own health... maybe even with state or county rental assistance. You'll only know for sure when you've asked, asked, re-asked, and asked again.
    1923 days ago

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    You might consider taking pix "before" to plead a case against him. See if there's a "pro bono" lawyer around!
    I have been through all manner of trials and tribulations. Christ in my life has been a rock and anchor to give me peace in the midst of the storms. I pray peace for you as these things happen, and that you will maintain a healthy lifestyle despite the stressors. I'm glad you have your parents' help.
    1923 days ago
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