Use a digital scale!!!

Monday, February 18, 2013


I've made a new realization :)

Well on January 25th, I was at 226.8 .... Today is February 18 and guess what, I'm down to 223.... Normally I would be bummed that I'm not under 220 by now but guess what???? emoticon

My digital scale showed me great news:

On October 2nd, my body fat was 40%, today it was 31.3% emoticon

My body muscle has gone up as well to 38.3%, Im not sure what my starting point was but I know it went up

Total Body water ws 43.4%. TOM is on its way so thats why

Anyway. I'm no longer getting hung up over the actual number on the scale... I will step back on that baby on Monday since I'm starting this new diet plan and I'll keep you posted!!!!

PS. I'm racking up some serious steps on my fit bit... more than 10000 a day s=and on Saturdays going higher than 15000.

Thats all for now ladies :) emoticon
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