I have a torn.. something. And it's making me FAT!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Guys. It has been a nightmare lately.

In the summer I ran my first 5k. I really enjoyed it! I did the CIBC Run for the Cure, and had a blast. I ran with some co-workers, raised money for a good cause, got in great shape getting ready for it.

And busted my knee doing it.

I seriously cannot tell you what I did to my knee. My physiotherapist feels as though I tore/stretched/damaged my ACL somehow. My sports medicine doctor feels as though it's likely that I tore/stretched/damaged my meniscus. I'll know for sure once I get an MRI done. Wait list is only 18 months, no big deal right?

I can't run anymore, that much is clear. The pain when I try to run is not worth it. I mean, I can barely walk some days. Stair master, that's out too. Squats.. painful. Basically, anything involving my knee is really hard for me. Even driving for long periods of time, my knee gets too stiff and sore to get out of the car normally. I go to physio once every few weeks, but without knowing what is wrong, they can't do much. They do what they can to reduce the swelling, but with no health plan, I can't go as often as they would like me to. I mean.. $58 a pop. It's a lot to swallow!

So. I have put on TWENTY FRIGGIN POUNDS since injuring myself back in October 2012. And I haven't changed my eating at all, which. Ok, in hindsight, I should have, to compensate for the decrease in exercise. 20/20 looking back, and all.. regretting that choice now! I didn't realize it would make SUCH a difference though.

I am at a loss. I don't know how to take it off (safely) without further injuring my knee. I mean, what do I do for exercise when I have a body that is used to running and dancing and kick boxing and weight lifting, and all this high intensity stuff.. and now really unable to do it because of the stress on my poor knee?

Also, fun fact about me. I can't swim. At all. So all the pool exercises that I'm sure will be suggested are sadly out.

Any ideas?
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  • CORKY982
    Ooh. My inability to swim has made me really unaware of the options for water exercise. I figured you would have to be able to swim/float to do water aerobics. I'm definitely going to have to look into that idea. There's a Canada Games centre not too far from my work, I could give that a shot. Thanks for the suggestion!!
    1920 days ago
    I can't believe the waitlist is 18 months long for an MRI! I know there are chair dancing exercises that you could do that would probably not stress your knees too much. I like the water aerobics suggestion. I took a water aerobics class a while back and there was 0 swimming since it's done in shallow waters. I had plantar fasciitis at the time and it helped since it didn't stress my feet too much, so I don't think it would over-tax your knees. I'm really sorry you have this injury in the first place. Adjust your diet to reflect you decrease in calorie burn and look for some exercises you can do!
    1921 days ago
    First of all, you need to take control of your diet. Set your goal on Spark, let Spark know your projected calories burned through exercise each week is minimal, and Spark should give you a calorie range that you can eat that will, at the very least, prevent additional gain, and may help you lose (as it is possible - though not preferable - to lose weight through diet alone).

    As for exercises, you could probably do a boxing workout, since that's all upper body - you could probably even modify a standing boxing workout into a sitting boxing workout if standing aggravates your knee. Also focus on keeping your core strong. Use the videos here on SP, and find ones that don't require standing/running/jumping/etc. Things like mat-based pilates should work, and I know Coach Nicole has a few exercise-at-your-desk workouts that can be done seated in a chair. Will it be as intense as what you're used to? No, but it will be a lot better than doing nothing at all. Finally, I know you mentioned you can't swim, but many fitness centers that have pools will have classes that are called "aqua aerobics" or something similar, in which you do exercise in the shallow end of the pool, with no swimming required. If you have access to classes like that, that may also be an option for you.

    And I'm sorry about your injury - injuries are the worst, and it can be tough to stay on track with stuff like this! Good luck!
    1921 days ago
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