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Zumba 10 Day Accelerated Fat Loss Program

Sunday, February 17, 2013

I've decided my life will end in about 5 days.


I'm pretty sure on day 5 of this program is when my body is going to scream ENOUGH! and once I launch the dvd and start it, it'll say "I warned you!" and I'll topple over. It's been fun guys. :P

I've decided to try the program even though it's gonna suck a whole bunch. Tomorrow is my Day 1 and I will write a short blog with my beginning weight and measurements and then after day 10 is over and the program is finished I will post my end weight and measurements. This program claims that if you follow it and the meal guide you can lose up to a dress or pant size. I have my meal plans all written down and I'm hoping my fiancé and kids will let me be completely selfish on this focus for the entire 10 days so i can hopefully see some big results. I will also try to just write a day by day blog while I do this 10 day program and post pictures of my food and snacks and just go through my day. I plan on doing this for 10 days.. taking a 2 1/2 week break and just working out normally and then I'm gonna attempt it again 12 days before my birthday at the end of march.

I'm excited and also kinda anxious about it. there's a lot of foods that I'm not sure I really like and I will be eating a lot of fish which I also don't like a whole lot but am hoping to acquire a taste for it once these 10 days are over.

Wish me good luck! This should be an experience lol!
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