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Sunday, February 17, 2013

8:34 AM 2/17/2013
HI ALL .. Who am I .. I look at myself and I ask myself this question .. Do I love myself .. I can finally say yes .. Do I like myself .. and I have to say some of me ..
The part I love is the part of me my Spirit that is just like Jesus .. The part I don't like would be all the soul issues that I am asking God to remove .. I wont dwell
on them but I can tell you we have all been thru things that have shaped us to be who we are today .. No looking back only forward now .. If you don't like who you are
only you and God can change that .. look in the mirror and ask yourself what do I want to change .. God what about me is not right .. Then ask him to change you .. when
you meet someone you just adore .. what is it in them you care for .. is it Trust .. Is it their since of humor .. their compassion .. their love what are the things in
them you care for .. ask yourself if you wanted to be friends with yourself .. what kind of things you would want to be .. for me .. It would be first compassion .. and
showing you care to a extent that you would know it .. and then it would be trust .. I have been hurt by so many who you think are your friends .. then they turn then
it would be If I ask you to pray I know you will .. so many say I will pray for you but then they don't do it right then and forget .. I try to do it now so I don't forget ..
My close friends are ones I can confide in and I know they will never let me down .. So I guess I have a lot to live up to .. But I have to say I love to laugh and sing
I love to get into Gods presence where you feel it .. I know that is not a always thing,,, but that is where I want to live .. I surrender me to God and I want to be just
who he wants me to be .. I say God if there is anything in me you don't like take it out to where people only see Jesus .. help me see what you see .. Well this is a new
day yesterday is gone .. If you don't like anything about you .. give it to God .. He cares .. I care and many on Sparks care .. God loves you .. Do you love you ? you
are Blessed lets be a Blessing to someone today .. LOVE /Betty www.youtube.com/watch?v=
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