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This week I will.....

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Recently I have put together a new vision board. It is geared to the year ahead and the things to do to reach my goal and be in great shape by the Winter Olympics, 2014!

So, I will be breaking down, my board, into sections.
For this week, I feel it is important to concentrate on this.....
Highlights from this section, include.

"I REALIZED TODAY IS THE DAY THAT I WRITE MY OWN STORY."(Just above Action plan, but missed the shot)

Now I love writing stories, but my own? Sure! I can write it and make it happen!
Written goals are important on this Olympic challenge journey.
Which takes me to another part of my board.....


You see it does not say, sit on the sofa plan. emoticon
Action! I like that word!
The state or process of acting or doing. the condition of being active! A movement or series of movements. Activity, energy. Behavior or conduct: Actions speak louder than words. The transmission of energy force or influence. Any change that occurs in the body or in a bodily function as a result of its functioning!
WOW. Seeing it all written out has power in it! emoticon

Next we have...


Yes I do! No matter how busy it gets at work, or with family, there is plenty of time to do what I need to do. Workouts can be several 10 minute spurts or a couple half hours. It can be a walk, or doing something in the desk chair. I will find moments, throughout the day for the small things, that add up, and write down at least one longer workout. I do have time.



Yes, write it down! Then DO IT!!! II will write down cardio, strength training and stretches and cross it off once accomplished. (I love scratching things off a list.)


We have this wonderful Sparkpeople site where everything is at our fingertips. USE IT!
I must take what I see, pick up the energy given to me by my Spark buddies and do this thing!

This is number one! Not a number on a scale, not how many curves I've got going. It is, bottom line, HEALTH! I need good health! I want to take care of myself. I need to have working knees and flexibility. I want to have energy and lower my blood pressure. I want to set a good example for my family, friends and co workers! Health is wealth.

I feel confident, energized and ready to have an amazing week, taking just this one section of my new board and rocking it! emoticon
I can do this and I have my board staring me in the face to remind me!

It is time to TAKE ACTION!

My Spark buddies that have hopped on the Olympic Challenge bus, with me....LET"S DO IT!
I believe in you! emoticon
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