Can I have a bad week?

Sunday, February 17, 2013

(Most of this I posted on a forum. So that's why the blog sounds like I'm going through different emotions/feelings throughout the post)

I might be getting to that point where I stop caring as much. I don't think in 2011 or 2012 I ever made it past 5% lost. I've just feel like I've been having an awful week on trying to stay on plan. And when I screw up, I try my best to pick it up again the next day but I continue to eat past my points. I don't feel like vegs or anything good for me. I just want to enjoy a pop and maybe a bit of cheesecake a co-worker brought in. I just want Tuesday to roll around so that I can start over again and super fresh. My weight loss buddy says "exercise more to compensate." I work three 12 hour shifts in a row. Ain't happening unless I sleep less. Is it a crime to have a bad week? As long as I'm trying to have good meals/snacks 60% of the time?

On Tuesday, I do plan to get back on plan with exercise and eating. Maybe I should also limit over doing it with my weekly points. I like having that bumper throughout the week and I hate knowing I don't have any till Tuesday! I don't have any noticible results other than a few inches or pounds. I think I have to lose 35 lbs for anything to be changed clothing and body wise.

I do start every day as a new day. I even start every meal as a new time to make smarter choices. If i indulge during work, i'll try to do better when i go to my next meal. But Tuesday is also the same day that i cam really start devoting more exercise /sleep along with the start of my new week.

Weight watchers has worked best for me in the past.
Far better than calorie counting or simple diet. I can't afford more expensive programs. I've went overboard slowly each day. I maxed out my weeklies yesterday and i don't have the time (unless i forgo sleep) to earn activity points.(sounds like excuses but i already workout on my lunch break)

I already track using WW app (But i sometimes feel like tracking on loseit soon...eventually). I actually don't deprive myself of anything to be honest. I've had a slice of pizza (or two), chinese food, cupcakes, meatballs, sliver of pie and other things throughout the last two months with no worry. Those just have been better weeks because I've planned for it/chose smaller portions (or what seemed like a portion). It all started earlier this week when I was craving chocolate. I had both portions over the course of two days (I got super dark that was hard to eat in one sitting). Either way, I think that got my brain thinking, "hey, we're going back to eating junk again. Huzzah let's crave MORE junk again." I think I've over indulged a little every day. Also, my tom might be near. I'm not sure. I'm still waiting (the lower fat has screwed my cycle up a lot and I'm not sure when the next day is supposed to be). Most weeks I'm okay. This is the rest of my life. 75% of healthy foods and some treats and everything in moderation. I'm trying to think more like a healthier, thin person. After all this stress about my paycheck is over, I can breath a sigh of relief (short month = short check unless I do ot).

I also try to limit pop to very occasional treats because it was giving me severe headaches for months until January when I wiped them out/limited my coffee. I know my pop craving this evening was emotional cause work was horrible. I was doing all the work and it was stressing me out. Plus my body was hurting. I did just have a plate of the food everyone brought (plus some ice cream) but I'm limiting myself to one plate. I'm full anyways! Everything else I brought is healthy (plenty of broccolli and fish and fruit and popcorn).
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    I hope you get back on track! Once you start eating with more control, healthy and more frequently you will have less emotional stuff. When I eat poorly I feel crazy and that makes me even more out of control. Last night I dove into a bag a pistachio nuts and I did not stop until I ate half the bag. That's a lot of extra cal I don't need. Today I am doing much better and plan to be much more mindful and diligent! emoticon

    Good luck and keep your wits about you!
    2427 days ago
    We CAN fight those cravings and guess what? We don't feed them and they fade into the background.

    Fight it girl.... you are on the way to victory!!
    2432 days ago
    Sounds like you are doing everything right,

    Hang in there.
    2432 days ago
    ""...better weeks because I've planned for it/chose smaller portions"? "
    I have done that this week too. I had portions of the chocolate bar throughout two days. I ate the portions (of chocolate, really?). And I did make a chocolate banana fake ice cream this week, too as a treat! I track everything I'm supposed to eat BEFORE going to work. I do bring healthy snacks, I know exactly what healthy meals I'm taking to work. I start every day as a GOOD on plan day. Sometimes I go home craving or otherwise. And I do drink green tea. And I do limit my coffee. This was my first pop in over a month and a half. I know the pop was emotional. I honestly think it's where I had that banana ice cream (that was a little sweet for my tastes that has kicked my sweet tooth into overdrive). After this week, all the cupcakes will be gone and not looking tempting anymore. No more chocolate covered strawberries, cupcakes, etc.

    Now, mindlessly eating. I'm not sure. I'd have to really think on that to figure out if half of this has been mindlessly eating.
    2432 days ago
    Shannon, I think it could be tom, in part. That said, it will pass. For me the enemy is mindless eating and I don't see bit of that in your blog. TOM can't be used for an excuse; it's part of life too; but it can be motivation for even more careful planning. I think you're doing fine. Do not get discouraged and do not let mindless eating slip in. Build as much exercise into your day as you can. Little 10 minute sparks, for me it's walks, help. Think health; slow and steady wins the race.
    emoticon emoticon Plus, the winner has a flatter tummy! emoticon
    2433 days ago
  • LYNNA1968
    I completely understand the off week(s) & craving that taste of soda. I do indulge on rare occasions. I figured it was the bubbles lol like a little kid. I have found a drink called "Sparkling ICE" has vitamins, no calories, flavors and BUBBLES!
    The mind can be a best friend or worst enemy. Let's shoot for Feb making it a friend! Lol
    Have a great rest of your day
    2433 days ago
    Could you have hit upon the answer? "...better weeks because I've planned for it/chose smaller portions"? My best days are the ones that I plan the day b4 or that morning. The whole day. Just knowing you get to have chocolate/banana "ice cream" substitute (easy-peasy) at the end of the day helps not to cave in when someone offers you a piece of chocolate cake at work. I know working those type of shifts take a lot out of you, so maybe try to plan 3 days of work-day meals while you are off?
    Pop is one of my triggers. If I have one can, I crave other junk for days. Maybe try sweet tea as a substitute until you can kick the habit? Then you can start weaning back on the sugar/caffeine in the tea?
    Just some suggestions that have helped me, REALLY worked, that's all I can offer. You already know where to get all the knowledge (and probably have it memorized) but putting into practice and making it part of your every day life is where the rubber meets the road. I wish you a very productive, happy "roadtrip"!
    You can do this. Look how far you've already come. You don't want to lose all your past hard work!
    2433 days ago
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