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The Voice

Sunday, February 17, 2013

As we approached Valentine's Day, my inbox saw many postings about love. Most interesting to me were the ones about loving ourselves. I have been working on this for some time now and try daily to remind myself of all the things that are good and lovable about me.

I made an interesting discovery recently. I have this tiny inner voice that talks down to me; it's so deep-rooted that I didn't recognize its presence. It tells me that my dreams are not realistic or attainable. It's a very subtle voice but it's always there, speaking to me as a stern parent and not as a trusted friend.

I've been thinking about this little voice a lot lately. I think it tries to keep me practical and shield me from disappointment but it's not helping me, it's holding me back. I'm really having to pay attention to it these days in order to tell the voice that it's using words that aren't useful to me. I'm having to remind myself that I would never allow another person to talk to me the way the voice does and that I would never, ever talk to another person like this.

Yesterday, I responded to a post on a knitting website; the poster was asking if she was stupid about a problem she was having with a project she was working on. The first thing I wrote in my response was that she should take the word "stupid" out of her vocabulary. That got me to thinking some more about the things my little voice tells me. What words should be taken out of my vocabulary and what will replace them? (I'm going to start with "stupid" and "can't.") This will be an ongoing project for me since I have this feeling that as with any life form that has deep roots, the old voice will pop up again just when I thought I had gotten it all under control.

What are some words that you use that could go on my list?

It's my goal to make a new friend out of this inner voice with its new vocabulary; one that serves me well as I turn dreams into goals into an amazing life!

This was my favorite Valentine's Day email from the week; it's from a website called The One Question:
"Write LOVE LETTERS to yourself every week. Here’s the clue: a love letter doesn’t have one bit of criticism in it. Then read how kind you can be to yourself, and realize that you will never “leave” yourself, and you have the opportunity to love yourself unconditionally, warts and all. That kind of self love will give you the safety necessary to live the life of your dreams."

Be kind to yourself.

Speak to yourself in exactly the same way you speak to all the other people you love so much and leave those disempowering words behind.

Attain your dreams!

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