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Loving Yourself: Facing Your Fears

Saturday, February 16, 2013

“The more I feel for myself and my journey The more love I see around me and in all that I do.”

Part of loving ourselves is being able to accept all that we are. Our flaws, our faults, our fears, our weaknesses… All of those things we don’t admit to ourselves and don’t want to look at because they hurt, or make us angry. Don't be afraid to face your giants. Don't be afraid to stand face to face, toe to toe with what is scaring you the most. Don't be afraid to pull the things that are taunting you in the darkness out into the light to see what they really are.

Our fears, our hurts and our biggest hold-backs very often lose all of their power once they are brought out into the light and to be seen for what they truly are. Many times they are simply figurative bullies, and not much more. Many times our fears have no merit, our hurts are not worth the energy we put into them, and the things holding us back most are things we have outgrown long ago.

We hold on to things for years because we let them linger and grow in the background, in the closets and deep in our hearts....when all we need to do is pull them out, take a look at them....and see if they really should hold ANY more of our energy, our brain space or any of the words that ever come from our mouth again – those ANTS.

Amid our everyday stresses, and even when we face seemingly insurmountable adversity, life offers us a choice: to turn away from change or to embrace it; to shut down or to be broken open and transformed.

It doesn't make us weak to let go of old garbage from our past...whether it's years ago or whether it was yesterday. It is a sign of strength and character and of taking control of our own futures....our own feelings...our own place in the world. Fear can be your friend if you let it. Feat is your very own “magic mirror” to help you see and look at what is holding you back and blocking your progress. Here are some steps to remember to help you do this:

• Chase It - Don’t let it freeze you in your tracks. Be present, and recognize what is happening, and seize the opportunity to deal with it right that moment. That is the beginning of your being able to overcome and release it. We have to first recognize what is happening before we can learn from it.
• Face It – Take a deep breath and just sit with it a moment instead of pushing it away and ignoring it. It will just wait for the next opportunity to come back and catch you and taunt you when you least expect it.
• Embrace It – Be aware of your thoughts about it. Feel your emotions as you are doing this. Anger? Depression? Guilt? Weakness? Small? Is this something that is so big you can’t deal with it? Probably not – it’s just something that you’ve been carrying around – like the weight. It feels like it’s too much. Acknowledgement and acceptance of it are your allies here. In time, this will lead to an “Aha moment”. It may not happen on the very first try, but over time it will become less scary, less powerful, and come around less often, and affect you less.
• Erase It – You’ll reach the point where it will no longer make you feel less than, and you will soon be able to move forward with little to no resistance to hold you back. This will bring you to a new appreciation of yourself and help you love yourself more. This can’t help but spill over into the other areas of your life, and will help you heal to become more healthy and whole.

So why not bring it all out into the light? You and life are so much nicer, sunnier, warmer, prettier and happier in the light.

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