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GRAPEFRUIT Game - Week 2 (The "R" week)

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Alright, for those of you playing the Grapefruit Game, post your weight loss progress for the first week below. To be on the 15-lb loss glide-path, you should have lost 1.5 lbs. The one thing all of us have learned about losing weight is that its anything but linear.

To make it more fun, try to liberally use the week's letter in your posting. It's R. If you have depended on the gym to help you get there, maybe is "reps" or "rpms." If it's the Sparky water, maybe its Repetitive trips to the potty. If it's through calorie tracking or portion control, maybe its Right-sizing your meals. If it's all of the above in some combination, Really you Reckon the whole Revisionist lifestyle Raison-d'e-etre that is the Spark way - which of course is Rational.

For me its been my Revisit to being a gym Rat. Really I am out the door each morning by 5:30 AM, and I Revel in the opportunity to be first to get on the best elliptical (they all have personalities in my new, small gym), which is the only one providing a quasi-believable heart-Rate Readout. I Ramp up the Revolutions and Really break a sweat up there, because the Really accurate heart-Rate thingy says I can without dying or anything stupid like that. Of course, I'm Rapidly putting away the Sparky water ounces all the while.

When Ready to Retire (for the day) from cardio, Right away I'm on the deep Red (color of dried blood sort of) shiny new weight machines. I Really focus on form and pacing, rather than just seeing the maximum weight I can pull, push or otherwise leverage in the shortest possible time. This tip I got from a Spark video (yes, even Revved-up Type A me had the patience to Relax in my chair and watch one). Many thanks to my many Spark friends who generally guided me to consider Strength Training (1) every other day and (2) before Cardio on those days. I will Report back and advise how I did with this Revision to my Regimen.

When my 90-minute gym window is up, I Retire to the men's locker room and the showers. I may admit, only to you (my 330ish closest friends) that perhaps the hot shower after the Reps and Revolutions and RPMs on the Red equipment might be the best part of the whole gym-Rat experience.

So on day one, there I am standing in my birthday suit pondering the ICE COLD shower. And it stayed cold for awhile. A longer while than that. Nope, longer than whatever you are seeing. About a full five minutes past serious considering the Ridiculousness of having to climb back into my sweaty clothes (the ones that say "Ravens World Champions! - Super Bowl XLVII) and then Ramble out to the front desk to complain on Day One.

Then, suddenly, came the warm water. Really, an infinite supply of it, as hot as I could ever have wanted it. Coming out of the shower, I then Reckoned the sign - "Winter Showers - Please Allow Ample Time for Hot Water to Arrive." Such are the trials and tribulations of the little gym. The shower remains my favorite part of the experience, and now I know to Run first to the shower, Ratchet on the hot full blast, and then to amble back to the locker room area to get undressed as a Relaxed pace... things you learn.

Tomorrow or Monday, I'll post my weight loss progress below. For now, how did you do?

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • COOKIE_AT_51
    Realizing that I didn't Remember to post my Released weight on the Right day I Returned to Redeem myself! I was Right on the money. Releasing 1.5 pounds Right on the Requested target.

    The Results of my Release were because I followed the Rules and tracking all my food. emoticon
    2803 days ago
    Have a great week!
    2806 days ago
    Ru-Ro, Shaggy, I only released one pound this week. Really, I'm rather pleased because it's the first time in months I've stayed in my calorie range for multiple days in the week! Pray for me next weekend as we revel in the seafood buffet at the casino again (2 night stay). Thank God they also have a pool!
    2806 days ago
    Revist of Hormones caused Regain of a few pounds that I Really was glad to see leave early this week ... so Im Revisiting last weeks weight of 214.2 ... or zero pound lost for the week ...

    Really I know that the scale will Reveal a 2 lb loss tomorrow mornign as my body Re-normalizes ....

    In the mean time ... its Repetive trips to the potty - thank you Sparky Water ... Really ....
    2806 days ago
  • KATHRYN1955
    As of yesterday, I had Releaed the 2 pounds I had Regained, and and will continue to Ramp up efforts to counteract Retention of water from last night's Valentine's party.
    Revised goal is to see 170 by next Saturday. Plan is to go to gym 3 times this week and do 2 other 30 minute cardio sessions and not eat at highest end of sparky Range every day..
    Six R's (now 7) is all I can manage this morning.
    Have a great week everyone.
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2806 days ago
    First, love the blog.
    Second, LOVE the challenge. I ate healthy food, drank lots of water and walked and walked and walked.
    But mostly, I dedicated myself to the aRt of REST and RELAXATION: previously, there were days -because of my work schedule - where I'd manage only 7 hours sleep across TWO nights, three days! i asked for a schedule change and got some ZZZs. Or is it RRRs?
    I lost 8 pounds this week. No doubt mostly water, but fine - what matters is the way my jeans feel better this week!
    2806 days ago

    Comment edited on: 2/17/2013 7:52:55 AM
    great blog and be thing of R words as a walk away on the treadmill this week. I not a grapefruit but oranges and banana are a good choice too and my weight loss was 1 pound but i take over a gain emoticon emoticon
    not having the big weight loss but there is one less pound of me so for the month of Feb there is 2.5 pounds less of me. and we only four days left of the month i am not the biggest looser. and did not meet the goal set but had fun trying and feel good about the the loss and now fit into Size 16 petite jeans down from 18 average emoticon
    2807 days ago

    Comment edited on: 2/25/2013 4:01:53 PM
    Lost 2 lbs.
    2807 days ago
    I did maintain 131.3 on 2/11 I was 131.2
    2807 days ago
  • BBECKER1955
    Although I'm not taking you up on the grapefruit game, I really like the mug. I need to get one of those!

    2807 days ago
  • MARYANN2323
    Despite, or because of, having a bad cold, I managed a .5lb loss. emoticon
    2807 days ago
    Maintaining, but have the stomach flu right now. We'll see how it goes!
    2807 days ago
    This morning I got up feeling well rested and energized…until I got on the scale. I was really looking forward to progress but what I got was a reality check. One pound. The only remedy is to ramp up the strength training and rewrite my food strategy going forward. So, I ripped off the pajamas, ran the shower, and rinsed off the disappointment. Then I dressed up in my workout clothes, re-organized the living room, and proceed to do my SparkPeople Exercise Video. I felt rejuvenated. I’m raring to move forward…with my restructured plan. How's that?
    2807 days ago

    Comment edited on: 2/16/2013 6:25:46 PM
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