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OH MY WORD...I can't believe this.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

For the past month, I have been wishing I had a little half day job to bring in some extra cash for a project I need to get done. South Africa is on a mission to employ black South Africans and black women and disadvantaged black people and disabled people. I have no issue with what they are doing, but, it does mean as a white woman of 52 who has been a stay at home wife/mother for 20yrs there is ZERO chance of being employed. The only way I can get a job is to have a friend employ me or find a small business to buy, or generate an income from my home. All these options take money and sometimes skills I don't possess.


In one morning, I had my prayers answered in a huge...HUGE...H.U.G.E way.
In one morning, I went from being a housewife to being a business woman on the pay roll and I work from home and my hours are flexi. I need no "special training" just do what I do in my every day life.
It started with my sons young friend who came into a lump sump of money. So far he has wasted almost a quarter on friends and junk in a relatively short time. His salary also doubled and he is wasting that also in the same vein...typical of the young and inexperienced.

Anyway, he was saying to my son how he wished he could ask his mother for help, but if she got her hands on his money, he'd have even less. How sad, parents are supposed to protect their kids and help them make wise choices etc. How I came to be involved, is that my son gave him my cell number and told him I'm a whiz at handling finances and can stretch a rand (dollar) like no one else he knows.....aw thanks for the compliment kiddo. My son then sent me a text message telling me to expect a call from xyz.....I thought he meant as in one day but my word less than half an hour later the call came through.

I heard this young man out, and then we agreed to meet for coffee and chat face to face. Ultimately he has agreed to open a new account for me and he will transfer ALL HIS MONEY and MONTHLY EARNINGS into that and wants me to run his finances for 1 year while teaching him how to handle his new status. Such a trusting youngster....but I have drawn up documents stating what my roll is, how much I have received, what is in the bank and expected to come in....blah blah blah and put in a protection clause for him which we had certified at the police station so that he has something to take to court in the event of....but that won't happen because I would never cheat anyone out of what is rightfully theirs, let alone a young person.

MY WORD. I score too, because this young man decided that I should take a certain percentage monthly of his money in exchange for my help. So, I'm employed!

My first task is, to help him find a garden apartment he can rent to get out of the environment that is swallowing his money faster than it should....secondly to help him furnish it and thirdly help him choose and buy a vehicle.....so I begin on Monday morning looking into all of this.
He was blacklisted once, but there is a way of getting around that....business is business.... nothing crooked....just the system has loop holes for everything.

Next, I took the deposit he gave me AND I have invested in a small business with what I feel is my best skill....sewing. Sewing of African shirts. I make these for my son all the time. Now it seems that there is a call for them at the farmers market which is a favorite with tourists.
I recently sewed 5 for my son who needed a cash injection for a project of his own, and my son took them then there and hired a stall. At breakfast time 8.30am a tour bus came trough and within the hour they were sold. He had to wait from 7.30am till 4.30pm before he was allowed to leave even though he had NOTHING left to sell....its in the contract. He played his drum and took deposits and orders for people staying in the area for a while.....25 orders in one day???
I paid R35 ($3.98) for the material (each) and sold them for R250 ($28.41) each....its insane. It takes me a morning if I don't get interrupted to make one shirt. I can see that I will need to have minimum of 20 at a time, and maybe more in a box in the boot of the car.

The beauty of this is.....I'm still at home and still get my ministry done because its all flexi time.

Now...till the ink is dry, I cant say anymore because many a slip between cup and lip.
When it's all done and dusted, I will let you into the new phase of my life as Mrs Business Woman.
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