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Warning not a fun blog: Back to the drawing board. (Confession)

Saturday, February 16, 2013

I have had a horrible eating week and work out week. I have just been so stressed out it is driving me nuts. I thought things would happen and they haven't happened yet. No complaing just jump back into the saddle and get back at it. I will not give up on the most important battle of my life myself. I'm fighting for me I need to be honest with one person me are you doing all you can no so why not. Because everytime you start to feel like finally getting the hang of it you go and ANT yourself see my friend (Sami199) page for explanation. And frankly i'm sick and tried of it. No more. It is time to change how you handle stress and making yourself upset. When i get nervous i eat not acceptable anymore. Sorry for venting tirade to no one but myself if your still reading thank you very much.

I can't lose this fight i have to do what i have to do and if that means i need to say no to eating out than i need to say NO!!!!! In the loudest voice i have. Not that eating out isn't fun but it should be much less.

Alright enough venting. I'm back on track as soon as the sun comes up tomorrow maybe not that early but you get the idea. LOL. Thanks for reading I appreciate it. Sorry not a fun blog.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Wow Julie, I am sorry I missed this blog. You entered it the day I was out of town. Sorry I did not give you more support. By now I hope you have figured something out. Whats great is you are at the point of no return, emoticon emoticon which means you are ready to take action.

    We have all been there at least every other day or week. I pray you can get this resolved and make the changes you need. You are a very specail person and deserve to have all you want in life.

    God bless you Julie! emoticon
    1911 days ago
    Good vent - you obviously needed it! I hope this gets things our of your system and let's you get back on track!
    1919 days ago
    The fact that you see what you need to do and are able to get back on track and DO it is what matters. You're making huge progress! emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1920 days ago
    It's time to get jumpin' again!!

    Something that helps me is to recall the good things I did yesterday; it empowers me to have a better day today. One day a couple of weeks ago, I was so focused on a poor choice I had made that I neglected to see some positive things I had done for myself.

    It's those little steps, those little good things that will keep you moving forward!!

    1921 days ago
    Aww, Julie, I feel bad for you!!! I know you can do it!!! I had a set back these last 2 days, but it's not forever and you will get a grip, like you said! You will get back on your feet again, just like me and go and do it!!!

    Come on, Julie, You CAN do it, We can do it!!! emoticon

    1921 days ago
    Unfortunately eating IS fun/ pleasurable/ enjoyable and nothing can change that fact. The trick is to replace eating with something else you find valuable and that's no eat feat. But keep at it! We all have our off days and weeks sometimes but just get right back on track as soon as you can and move on. emoticon
    1921 days ago
    You go girl! We've all been there and some of us are even stuck there. Kudos to you for having the courage to say it out loud to yourself and others. Back in the saddle you go.
    1921 days ago
  • KAR815
    Julie look at all the success youve had so far... from what I can see your doing great!! Just know tomorrows another new day and new start for you. I have faith in you my friend you can do it! :)
    1921 days ago
  • SAMI199
    emoticon emoticon
    1921 days ago
  • LJOYCE55
    I have been overeating this week as well, but no stress as a trigger. I wonder if its partially the weather? Maybe cold weather makes us hungrier, because I have actually been hungrier. Also, I have noticed women in my gym talking about how they are eating more. Anyway, both of us will do better this week, I am sure. Good luck and enjoy your weekend.
    1921 days ago
    One Step and One Day at a time. You can do this. Ask yourself "what is stressing me out?" Write down your answers and ponder on some solutions. We all have days where we get down on ourselves and beat ourselves up. This is when we need to stop and remember that we are human and we all have our days...no self-beatings needed! Just tell yourself that you love yourself even more for being human and that you are doing the best that you can. Then do something nice for yourself and go for a walk or do something that is a part of your plan. Hang in there! emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1921 days ago
    It's the being consciously aware of our mistakes that give us the umph to make more good choices. Remember, the difference between try and triumph is the UMPH. You will be triUMPHant!
    1921 days ago
    Julie, I've seen you make great strides in the last few weeks. Don't let one off week take you off your journey. You know what helps me? Meditating in the morning. I do 10 minutes or more on my own, first thing. If I'm having a really crap time at work, I do cardio before my day starts, after meditating, (even just 20 minutes) and then a long stretch at the end of the day. Believe me when I tell you that teaching full time and running a Union is stressful. Plus, I'm by nature a fighter, but I've learned to relax because of the meditating and exercise. A lot of folks have posted great strategies. Find out what works for you. (Comedies lately have helped out a lot.)
    1921 days ago
    Having had my own setbacks, I can identify with this. If it were easy, we wouldn't be here. Sounds like you have it right though...brush yourself off after a scolding, and get back on it. I know you can do it...don't lose faith in yourself. Forgive and push on!!!
    1921 days ago
    The not fun blogs are the most powerful because it means your being real with yourself! You know those silly Nicorette commercials where the little band plays every time the person decides to not smoke---I think of that every time I make a decision that gets me one step closer to a lifetime of healthy.

    Glad you wrote this and glad you have a zest for success-you're going to get there!

    1921 days ago
    Sorry to hear that you are struggling. I sure can relate to everything you said. Just put the past in the past. I like to say that when you have a bump in the road, pick yourself up, dust yourself off and keep moving forward. I am having to do that right now myself.

    1921 days ago
    It's okay to vent here - everyone 'gets it'! If this was easy, then none of us would be on this site in the first place! Of course it's hard! Ok...so you've had your slip up, had your negative nellie thoughts - now you're moving on. THAT is the difference between success and failure. Letting those moments of 'hard' take over and giving up - equates to failure. Having those moments of 'hard' then getting up again will bring you to success! The trick is getting back up. Again...and again...and again...and again!

    1921 days ago
    This is a hard battle I've found some help with stress from www.thework.com/ a great way to deal with what is and move on you can do it
    1921 days ago
    We will get there Julie! WE CAN DO THIS!!! It is really hard. Some times harder than others. We'll get through it. We'll learn how to cope and one day we'll look back and say, Remember when.. :)
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1922 days ago
    You can and will do this!!!!!
    1922 days ago
    Hi, Julie !

    As the old song goes,"accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative". give yourself credit for all the POSITIVE things you did for yourself this week and don't beat yourself up because you ate more than you weren't perfect. Don't try to be perfect. You don't have to be perfect to be healthy.

    Every little bit really does make a difference. And yes, there are better ways to handle stress that don't involve food. Personally, I like taking a walk. Walking is not only great cardiovascular exercise, it's a great way to reduce stress too. I like drinking tea too.

    I'm a firm believer that stress is a neglected aspect of weight gain. If a person could reduce their stress, they'd automatically reduce their waistline.


    1922 days ago
    1922 days ago
  • LISAN0415
    SORRY you hit an obstacle, we all do, here's something I wrote last month about what to do when we stumble on this journey:

    Start Right Now, not tomorrow, not next week, not after the next Holiday, start Now

    Drink your water- it flushes out toxins, fills you up, washes out excess sodium

    Track all your food and beverages, look up your calories and be honest about portion sizes (measure!)

    Plan at least 1 day ahead for your meals and snacks!

    At least once a week, go back and evaluate your food logs- and repeat the good days!

    Keep reminding yourself of your goals, and why you are doing this.

    Reward yourself for progress- (not with food though) Like when you go 21 days staying in your calorie range, ge ta new workout tape, or a manicure...

    Get active, try a pedometer- get more steps, clean the house, do yard work

    DON'T LET A BAD MEAL/BAD DAY turn into a bad month (or longer!)

    Gets lots of Fiber and veggies- they fill you and flush out fat and toxins.

    Take this journey 1 day at a time, commit to this each morning/night and then the next day, repeat!

    You can do this! Your goals are important and attainable!

    1922 days ago
    What is past is past, it's just a bump in the road!
    Awesome attitude to pick up and move on. You will win! You are going to do this!

    1922 days ago
  • TLG71567
    Good luck. Glad you're back on track.
    1922 days ago
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