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Saturday, February 16, 2013

OK so for my BLC challenge I have to write one blog per day this weekend about something positive about myself (I am about an hour late for Friday but I am doing it anyways)

Here's mine...Today I have become so proud of who I am and where I have gone in life...No one said any sort of weight loss journey would be easy (I wish it was) but I am proud of how far I have come and my determination to not give up...even with minor slip ups. I really have grown into a woman that I am proud of. I have goals, am working on my Master's, teaching preschool and fighting this hard journey all at once...*giant pat on back*

So my original plan was to get my first tattoo of the anchor I really want at -75 lbs but I am getting the itch bad to get a tattoo...two weeks from now my friend and I are going to go and get similar ones (my anchor I will save for when I really hit -75)

Love you all!
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