Day 418 - M

Friday, February 15, 2013

"Knock the "t" off the word can't."

George Reeves


Ahhh....the beauty of simplicity. That quote sums up the whole of keeping ourselves in shape and making sure we eat healthy & well. Well said, George Reeves!!


We had another very nice day here. Cooler, but great for cardio outside. Jetta & I did several good hikes on the trail today and polished off the big hill this morning. Did a ST session this evening - core; lower body.

With maintenance I'm beginning to think that mentally remaining in a weight loss mode might make it easier. Anything to make it easier! Just for myself, personally. Whatever works - right? Just an observation, but it seems there is danger in thinking that 'I finally did it!', 'The end of the line!', 'Hit my goal weight!!', 'Lost ________ pounds!', 'All of that weight (fat) is finally GONE!'. Then the resolve relaxes just a wee bit - just enough to possibly get one into trouble. You look at the scale....'How could that POUND have possibly come back ON when I worked SO hard!!' Magic, I guess. The eternal weight loss/gain mystery. No, just didn't track the food right - simple as that. Took just a tiny bite of this or that. Harmless?? No, it wasn't. They all count, every one of those 'tiny' bites do. Then one day the 'tiny bites' stand together like the great army of calories that they are and attach themselves to you.

I don't feel like I relaxed my thinking a lot, but it just seemed easier when I was in a 'weight loss' frame of mind, than it is now, trying to adjust to maintenance. It's always a fight - every single day to manage the intake and the output. Or, maybe I just need to give myself more time to make the mental adjustment from 'loss' to 'maintenance'. It's funny how much of this journey really is mental. My mind has told me forever that my clothes are 'L' or at the very minimum 'M'. I kept getting 'M' tops or pants when they didn't even fit - I need size 'S' now. Physically anyone could see that, but mentally I was stuck in size 'M' or 'L' clothes. It's not easy to get used to all of the physical changes - a whole different body. Now when I look at the old clothes that don't fit anymore - it's like they belonged to someone else and I don't know that person who used to wear them. The mental capacity to eat and live the way I used to just isn't there anymore. But it seems it's the 'tiny bites' that could be one's undoing.

Thanks for bearing with me while I think out loud. Just trying to find the best way for me, personally, to approach the maintenance road. It IS hard - very hard. Harder than I could've imagined. Worth every effort, definitely. Just have to get in the right mindset for it - some way, some how. I'll do it though!! Because I CAN.

A big thanks for stopping by today if you had time. Hope your Friday was fantastic and you could get out to enjoy a good walk. emoticon
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I"m noticing something about myself. Each time I hit a goal, I slip backwards. I need constantly evolving goals.

    Keep making new goals and working towards them!!!
    1925 days ago
  • TATTER3've hit such a nerve. Even after losing 50 pounds, I still shop and buy at the old size...I just can't give it up!!! Thanks for the's a boost!
    1925 days ago
    Have to agree w/MSLZZY. I found out early on in the maintenance game that if I lost that "spunk" I had by following the program during my weight loss phase, I faltered. So for me, it is important to stay "in the game", focused. It really is making a habit out of it, which is the whole idea, right! I weigh, measure and am careful of portions. THAT is my biggest help. The minute I let my guard down, the portions "sneak higher" and that's when trouble starts.

    Just another comment . . . have you donated those clothes that are too big for you? That was really cathartic for me. It cemented the resolve in my mind that I am NEVER, EVER going back to that "dark place in time" I was at. It helped me, also, to know that SOMEONE would get use out of those pre-loved clothes.

    This is a journey and as WALLAHALLA says, it doesn't end! Hang in there. Glad you blogged it out.

    1925 days ago
    Quite honestly, I may say I am in maintenance but
    I still work the program like I need to lose "just one
    more pound". It seems to keep my mind in the game.
    I still measure and weigh as much as possible.
    You are doing great with the cardio. You and Jetta
    make a great team.
    1925 days ago
    Where do we ever get the idea that the changes we are making are temporary? It is so easy to fall into that trap. If we want to get healthy and stay healthy the journey never ends.
    1926 days ago
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