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Adios, high capacity scale! May we never see each other again!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Today was a good day for me. One day after my TOPS (Taking Off Pounds Sensibly) weigh-in, my bathroom scale has me weighing in even lighter than it did yesterday and I was able to pull out my old, neglected normal capacity scale out for it’s first use in several years!

My latest weight loss occurred today, one day after my small weight loss shown at TOPS that put me slightly past my 50-pounds lost goal, and it was a good one!

As of today, I have no need to use my high-capacity scale that has a capacity of up to 400 or 450 pounds (I’m not sure which capacity it has anymore, only that it was in the 400s). I can use my normal capacity scale that goes up to 330 pounds because both of my bathroom scales weigh me in the 320s. Yippee!!!

It feels good to be free to be able to retire that old reminder of just how heavy I’ve gotten, and now weighing myself on the lower-capacity scale will serve as a reminder of my accomplishments every time I step on it.

Everything about it is smaller, the capacity and the structure.

And I’m loving it!

Who knew that a person could get so excited about a scale!

Well, maybe I did, because I did after all, not so long ago I had a victory being finally able to be weighed on one of those old-style 350-pound capacity, slidy-bar doctor’s office scales.

That was a victory then, and as sweet as that was, this is even sweeter!

I may still use both this week to see how they compare with the numbers I get on the TOPS scale at next week’s meeting, just out of curiousity.

Then I think I’ll retire the old one. Maybe I’ll donate it or something, or at the very least store it out of sight, way out of sight.

I think I’d rather donate it though. There’s a certain finality about getting a rid of the thing. I may hold onto it for a little while though just to make sure I’m safely out of the zone where I may need to use it and also as a reminder that I want to get a rid of it and that to do so, I should lose more weight to ensure I won’t need it anymore.

This week’s TOPS meeting was great. After announcing my achievement of finally reaching my 50-pounds lost goal, I was given a standing ovation. During the ovation, someone suggested I take a bow, so I did, which was kind of fun and funny at the same time. It really felt good for sure!

Then I was honored with a card with something written on it about the potential and the persistence of the acorn which I read in front of the group during the meeting. The card also had a pin attached to it that said “I’m nuts about TOPS.” That part gathered some chuckles when I read it.

Yesterday was also good for another reason. I gave away the diabetes machine and supplies I purchased in haste in my eagerness to fight off the early-stage diabetes diagnosis I had, thinking my fight against diabetes would have been longer than it was, and even harder than it was, but it turns out I never needed the machine.

The package was never opened, and I was able to give it away, thus closing a chapter on the old me and on a diagnosis that I’m glad was only short-lived.

I feel like this time that I’m currently in now is a time of transition, a transition from the old: a fatter and certainly more unhealthy me, to one that is a new me, one that’s lighter and gaining health every day.

I’m looking forward to saying goodbye to the 300s for good. It’s a goal that’s not that far off and I think that maybe I can make it out of the 300s by sometime in May if my calculations are on target.

On that day, I’m pretty sure I’m going to do a happy dance! I might even do it right there at the TOPS meeting! Hey why not? I can’t think of a better way to celebrate than with public displays of happiness! Woo hoo! Go Spark and go TOPS!
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