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Friday, February 15, 2013

...haha, scared ya!

Y'all thought I was saying we're off to the hospital, didn't ya? NOPE! Not a sweet chance! My bags have been packed for weeks (are you surprised?) and living in the trunk of the car for a few days now.

Updates: Every second day I have SUPER energy... the trade off? Every other day, I have zip, nada, zilch for energy. Meaning yesterday, the last valid day for my gym pass, I couldn't go. I mean, I could have gone. And sat. Maybe take a nap on the stretch mats, but that's a pretty severe waste of gas.

Still cooking or baking something every day! Whoop Whoop!! Not the healthiest stuff all the time - but this is mostly about me learning skills, and to be perfectly 100% honest... I am in my last week of pregnancy. I'm still tracking everything, but I am pretty much done caring about my maxes come the end of the day!

So I'm due Sunday, and if he hasn't arrived by then, my doctor will perform a sweep on Monday to get things moving.

Hey! How about some pictures? Ready for a photo-splosion? I've been saving them up for you-ou-ou!!!

First: the food pics (sorry if they make you hungry, I'm just really proud of myself!

Saturday was a big storm day, so Brad was home with me. We cooked supper together - he had been craving homemade baked mac and cheese for weeks and actually missed being in the kitchen. I additionally made (and almost ruined) lemon bars and baked pickles (think deep fried pickles, Erin! But somewhat healthier!!!)

The Mac & Cheese:

The lemon squares (turned out more like cake):

The baked pickles:

Sunday we had my brother and his wife and my nephew over for supper. And I cooked TWO dishes from scratch!! I made homemade Chinese food! The only shot I took is super blurry because it was so dang good, we almost forgot to take a pic and I had to snap it off Brad's plate! Homemade chicken fried rice (not fried, done in the slow cooker!) and sweet and sour chicken balls (baked!)

Monday night Mom and Dad came up for an appointment and to clean our carpets. Okay, Dad and Brad cleaned carpets, Mom and I went shopping! I made a turkey breast in the slow cooker, and Mom walked me through step-by-step how to make Crash Hot Potatoes. Again, hahaha, another blurry action shot of Brad's plate!

On Monday night, I threw together a breakfast casserole in the slow cooker so we would all have a hearty, protein filled breakfast ready to go. It was "meh" all around. Great in theory, needs major ingredient tweakage.

Tuesday was our Valentine's Day and we went to a movie and for supper. We had a coupon and a gift card for one restaurant (therefore, I had a specific menu item on the brain all day!), but when we got there, they had just had a flood! So we will try again there tomorrow, and ended up going somewhere else. But I still got in some kitchen time! I made these homemade strawberry nutella poptarts. Super tasty, not healthy in the slightest bit, and way too much work to ever try again!! Cool to say I made edible Valentines though!

Wednesday I made corn chowder in the slow cooker and we had leftover turkey. The chowder is by far the healthiest thing I've made so far, and probably the easiest too!

Thursday was leftover corn chowder and very, very, VERY easy skillet pork chops. Not the healthiest, but very tasty and easy - I can definitely make them again!

Tonight I am making baked paprika chicken breasts over pasta. Tomorrow we will try again with our coupon/gift card for dinner, so I am going to bake a cake. Sunday plan is healthy cheeseburger soup and to bake some homemade protein bars. That's all I've got planned for now!

Photos, round two! Belly pics! Holy Moly, I haven't belly-pic'd y'all since week 33 - when I looked like this!

Week 34 Jan 6:

Week 35 Jan 13:

Week 36 Jan 20:

Week 37 Jan 27:

Week 38 Feb 3:

Week 39 Feb 10:

Oof! There's a belly! Very, very, very ready physically to have my little boy in my arms rather than in my ribs! He's getting very big and when he wants to, he bodyslams my bladder and pubic bone while doing some kind of Irish jig against my ribs. The pain and pressure is getting to be very real at times!

Okay: last set of pictures - Baby Room!! Not pictured are his swing and bouncy seat, which we have set up upstairs in the living room. His bassinet is in our bedroom as well. Also in our bedroom are two under-bed storage bins FULL of 3mon-12mon clothing, all cleaned and ready!

It's only a tiny little room, and we didn't want to paint because it is our goal to buy a house in the next 1.5-2 years, and well, I'm lazy like that!!

Here is his dresser (FULL of 0-3mon clothes!), his bear that Brad picked out, and a painting I got at an auction. If you can't read it, it says "You & Me & Us & We & Love" . We will put other photos on this wall in white frames as the time goes by. The glider is there with the blanket my Mom made (100 years ago, and the colours fit the theme perfectly) and his truck themed valance with awesome lime-green curtains!

This shelf holds stuffies that he can't have for a while - safety reasons with the attached eyes. But they are very near and dear to us. The blue bear and the purple dino on the top were Brad's. The sock monkey on top was one of the first stocking stuffers Brad ever gave me. On the bottom, the white polar bear was mine. My Mom made the turtle, and the little freaky blue Frankenstein dog.

His crib, which he likely won't see the inside of for a few months (and the quilt will be in storage until he is much older, I just put it there for photo purposes)

His book/toy shelf with the painting above that my SIL had done to match his room theme.

More views of the amazing painting!

The hanging diaper bag (we are cloth diapering as soon as he fits into them) and clothes hamper:

The closet - complete with organizer (of course!). Up top in the bin there are some 12 month + clothes, as well as 13 cloth diapers that have been totally prepped. I have another dozen on the way!

So, as you can see, *we* are ready for Bean to be *in* our home. And I am so, so, SOOOOO ready for him to be *out* of me! All in due time, I know! He'll come when he is good and ready!!

Have a wonderful weekend! Hopefully my next blog will have some non-bump baby pictures!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • BAKER1009
    Glad to see you have everything in order, because NOW it's time to use it all!

    Congrats momma!!
    1945 days ago
    Sending love love love love love love your way, Grace! The nursery pics absolutely melt me. I can't wait for your dreams to come true and this little Beanie baby to be cuddled up to your heart (rather than your bladder, lol)! I am not surprised at how prepared you are, knowing your slightly OCD disposition! ;) Your pics make me so excited to start thinking ahead.

    How's the weather sitch over there now? Cleaning up a little, I hope? I mailed your card, finally, so it should be arriving soon. I hope it gets there before Bean does... mail is exciting when you're bored, but not exactly important when you have your hands full of new baby!

    1946 days ago
  • ROCKMAN6797
    My, you have been very busy, and all while your bean grows bigger and bigger. In In that last picture it almost looks as if he is attempting to escape! You both are down to the wire. Get ready to take in the miracle of life and simply be amazed!

    1947 days ago
    OMG, Bean's room looks amazing, you look amazing, love the belly pics and the food looks heavenly too! Especially that mac and cheese emoticon You are a rockstar and I will be so excited for you and your hubby to have Bean home and in your arms! emoticon emoticon
    1948 days ago
    You should be so proud of yourself. Such a total transformation. Erin pegged it when she said, "You are all belly and the rest skinny Grace!" Plus, you've got your cooking skills on. Yummmm! I'm so happy for you and looking forward to your and Bean's birthday.
    1948 days ago
    I was going to start of my comment with NOM NOM NOM NOM over your food pics, until I saw the belly and baby room pics! AWWWWW!! You still look fab, I am in awe of you. Aside from that little ol' baby in you, you have kept your shape incredibly! You are all belly and the rest skinny Grace!

    The room looks adorable, and all ready to go! Perfect for your little guy to move in. I love that you decorated with some of your old fave toys from both of you. (By the way, if Brad and your Dad have hit a groove and want to clean some more carpets, mine could sure use it!)

    And congrats on the food -- you are quite the chef these days! And ooh, "fried" pickles....if your recipe was a good one, please send it my way (post-baby!). I tried to make them once (a healthy version) and they were NOT GOOD. Are you going to make your own baby food once Little Bean gets here? Expand his little culinary palatte?

    That was a long's almost like you think you might not be around for a while...
    1948 days ago
    emoticon Wow! You and Brad are going to be wonderful parents :) The baby room looks great, you look super fit, and the food looks delicious. Wishing you the best of luck for Bean's arrival.
    1948 days ago
    AWE! You are definitely ready for Bean. You are so organized and prepped. Way to go! Love all your pics!
    1948 days ago
    Holy Belly! This was a great blog, made me smile SO big. I'm excited to see Elliot on the outside. hahaha
    1948 days ago
    1948 days ago
    Awesome pics and yes you have "grown' lol I am surprised that your dr will sweep only a day aftrer your due date. My dil had to wait 2 wks. but they were small babies but she is tiny too.
    LOl had to laugh at the blanket that your mum made. I just did some minor repairs to a quilt/blanket that my mum made for my sons crib he is now 35 that my grandson now 3 uses. Was sweet memories with that repair, remembered mum making it... sigh wish she could have met my granbabies.
    HOpe all goes well and will be here and fb for announcements!

    1948 days ago
    AWW! Love the nursery pics especially! :D I'll have to post mine one of these centuries! :D
    1948 days ago
  • DEEO12
    You look like you have dropped which means the baby will be here really soon! emoticon Congrats!
    1948 days ago
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