Team Assignment Reactions and Winter 5% Challenge, Pre Challenge Assignment #9

Friday, February 15, 2013

Hello fellow Sparkers. Today I am going to do Pre Challenge #9. I know I am out of order but I love living on the edge that way. ;-)
I have been assigned to the Casual Travelers team and was quite aghast at the idea that I am on the ONE team that does not "race". Me, who thrives under peer pressure and wants to earn my team those exercise miles! Being in a racing challenge and not going to race?!? I asked questions, I asked to be moved to another team (yes, that was me), I tried to wrap my head around doing the 5% Challenge but not really doing it because it's supposed to be a race!! LOL! Aren't I silly?
What I found out was- 1) No, I cannot be moved to another team, and 2) The Casual Travelers are an amazing team and I WANT to be on this team.
Turns out the reason they don't race, and I am still not sure how exactly that all works reporting-wise and team-points wise, is that some of the members CANNOT wrack up the massive exercise minutes that others of us can because they suffer from physical ailments that just don't allow it. Oh. Paint me stupid. And callous. And boy do I feel like a heel. (And rightly so!)
Me, earlier this week.

One of the reasons I really, really LOVE the 5% Challenge is the team spirit and camaraderie that comes from cheering each other on and supporting each other through the difficult days and celebrating our successes and achievements. I love that stuff. I love being able to help my teammates and one of the ways I do that is by gently nudging them to do a little MORE exercise every day. I am the torch bearer of getting up off your butt and moving in new ways and challenging yourself to do MORE and this is because I myself have found that the more I do, the more I can do. And I am also the one not taking any excuses from anybody. I can spot excuses a mile away! (Because, yes, I try to use them myself!) And I will call you on them! I am also the one happy to "hold you accountable", which is what so many people say they want. Happy to oblige!! I think a good kick in the pants truly helps. This is how I am a good team member. I push a tiny bit. People seem to like it. (I push myself hardest.)
So now, here I am on a team with some members who I can't push. It'd be mean. Right? I can't implore them to push harder, can I? To give a bit more, to say that I know they can and that they'll be rewarded for it. Because maybe they can't and maybe instead of being rewarded by going extra hard, they suffer a set back. And it hurts them. Yikes. I need to change how I go about being a good team member. Less pushing, more cheering? I'm sure I'll figure it out. The ladies all seem so nice and interesting and into the challenge. I'm still going to give it my all and strive to reach my goal. And hopefully, I will help them reach theirs.

Go Casual Travelers!!!

Now for the Pre-Challenge Assignment:
My starting weight: 150 (estimating that)
My goal weight: 142.5 (5% of 150 is 7.5)
I will eat within a calorie range of 1200- 1350 calories every day.*
I will exercise enough to burn at least 3500 calories each week.
Doing this, I will weigh 142.5 at the end of this challenge, April 20, 2013.

* I altered my weight goal and it came up with a horrendously high calorie range. There is NO WAY I can eat that many calories and lose that amount of weight. Yes, I do know this for a fact. Been there, done that. So, I have adjusted my calorie range to what I know works for me. (I do NOT lose a pound for every 3500 calorie deficit, it's more like 6500. I also do not gain one pound for every 3500 calories over, more like 2! I tend to whine about this on a regular basis.)

Let's reach our goals and put our ugly fat away in a cupboard somewhere!!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I'll miss you as a Teddy; but I love your attitude towards the Casual Travelers. That's awesome! I'm sure you will bring many wonderful things to the team.
    2727 days ago
  • no profile photo CD11627320
    First off, let me say how I loved your honesty. It takes a lot of guts for someone to say that they felt a it disappointed, especially when their teammates can come and read it. But you were being honest and I love how you found strength in what first seemed as a weakness. Having someone on a team to be the push behind the rest is always needed, but having people to cheer for you is just as needed.

    emoticon emoticon
    2729 days ago
  • NEWMAC2011
    Sounds like a great team. I had misconceptions about it too. We'll see how the Firecrackers do. I haven't see anything about friending the other members on the team but I'll still do that. I have no expectations other than what I'll demand of myself.

    Wishing you lots of success & fun along the way.
    2730 days ago
    Oh girl, you made me laugh. You are so funny. I was taken aback a little bit when I found out that the team doesn't race, but when I read further into it, I was so relieved..... my knees are busted, and I have to adjust everything I do. And I might hold back another team. I had quit the last challenge a year ago because I just couldn't keep up. And although everyone was great, I felt like I am just useless to the team. So now I don't have to worry about winning, but about improving my abilities every day. I noticed that the more I do in little increments, the stronger my muscles are and my knees are getting stronger. And of course, with the extra weight coming off, they are going to be better already.
    So I agree, let's cheer each other on. There is a lot we can do to push our team 'lightly' with what can be achieved, because for some this is a very important point of their lives, and without support, they might give up and sticking with it is the real race :)

    I'm very glad you are on my team, girl!
    2731 days ago
    Teresa I do hope you fall in love with us (casual travelers) it is a wonderful team with awesome sparkers on it (this is my 2nd round with them) WE still want ot get as many air miles as we can but we get to our destinations a little slower then other teams but we get there emoticon We get to enjoy the ride. We are just a bit more laid back then the rest of the teams are. emoticon & emoticon
    2731 days ago
  • no profile photo CD5645667
    Hope you have a great time with the Team .. I used to do these challenges and will again when I am fitter .. enjoy !!
    Hugs Susie emoticon emoticon
    2731 days ago
    We'll all figure it out as we go, I think.

    And I'm one of those team members that you CAN push. My only excuse to not get my fitness minutes in is laziness. emoticon (Okay, so, yeah, I am super busy and I do have a new puppy in the house, and blah, blah, blah -- Oh how I love my excuses).

    Gooooooooooo Team! emoticon

    2731 days ago
    emoticon I knew you'd like it there!
    I am so happy you landed exactly where you want to be!
    2731 days ago
    emoticon emoticon
    2731 days ago
  • COLT2008
    2731 days ago
    WTG! You can do it. I'm back with my Teddy Bear team :)
    2731 days ago
    2731 days ago
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