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Friday, February 15, 2013

Well, I've been Sparking for one year now.... I'm definitely not anywhere near as far as I thought I would be on this journey, but this is honestly the longest I've ever stuck with anything when it comes to weight loss, so I guess that counts for something! I feel like over the last year I've really been able to come into myself and get to know myself a lot better. There have been A LOT of downs and many ups along the way, and I can honestly say that I am (kind of) glad that I went through some of the things that I did.

When I started this I was working for a locally owned business run by a real nut job.... and he was a jerk at that. I was working at a desk in front of a computer all day, and with two other girls who ended up being incredibly two-faced. I really hated my job but it was paying the bills and it was pretty easy. Then, I had a set back in April when my boss told me that he wasn't sure it was working out, so I tried harder, but also started looking for a teaching job. Well, then at the end of May I was fired for looking for another job. I kind of slipped out of my sparking habits because I just lost any and all motivation for anything except for trying to desperately find a teaching job. I sat around a lot, slept, applied for jobs, went on interviews, sat around some more....waiting for the weekends so that I wouldn't be bored and lonely.

I lost 25 lbs by May/June and was feeling really great and then I just kind of lost my footing and while I only gained about 10 of it back (I was lucky I didn't gain like 50- seriously) I feel like I'm still at the starting gate a year later. I've lost 15 lbs and have been tracking and holding myself accountable off and on since September or so, but have really been doing it more consistently since the beginning of the year. I keep coming back and keep plugging away and I have to look at the 15 pounds as an accomplishment rather than saying "only 15 lbs". I love the connections and friends I've made through Spark People and plan to keep going and keep losing (hoping to be more around 80-100 lbs lost over the next year, but as long as I keep going and trying and keep my focus I'm really looking forward to what's to come over the next year!

On a TOTALLY different note: Yesterday, as most of you know, was Valentine's Day. My dad sent me some really pretty pink tulips to my school to surprise me (I actually got them today because they were delivered so late yesterday I didn't know they had come until my mom told me that I should have gotten flowers from him haha) and then I went to "The Boy's" after work and made him dinner. I was at the store and was going to buy him a card but it was so busy and crazy I was just ready to get out of the store that I decided that since he probably wasn't going to be doing anything that it didn't really matter if I got a card or not. So I picked up steak, shrimp, potatoes, zucchini and squash for dinner and went over to his place. After I got the potatoes going, we watched some tv for a bit and I noticed a teddy bear on his chair and thought maybe one of the kiddos that he works with gave it to him, or he bought it for his daughter who's birthday was last week. I was curious so when I got up to check the potatoes I asked him who it was from and he goes "well, its for you!" with a huge smile on his face. I think I could have just peed my pants lol. I was like "seriously?? for me?!?" and I was seriously like a giddy little 5th grader haha. I was so surprised and excited that I didn't even know how to handle it haha. Then, I felt a huge jerk face because I hadn't gotten him anything haha. He told me that buying and making dinner was his present so I just went with that! He also had a card for me that was sweet. He also signed it "Love, ("The Boy")" which was a surprise because he could have just signed it "The Boy" (Insert name instead of "The Boy"). Maybe I'm reading too much into it but the males who read my blog can fill me in on that one!

All in all, yesterday was a great Valentine's Day. I hope everyone was able to feel loved or able to feel cared about!

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    Sometimes we all can get down about the progress we make in a given time period. the thing is you haven't given up on yourself and that is the single biggest thing to take away. I mean in my first year I lost over 80 pounds on spark and over 110 altogether. However the last year I haven't lost much at all. I look at it as I maintained most of what I lost and hey I can start losing again. Same for you. So congrats on being here a year. Stick with because YOU are worth it! On "the Boy" I absolutely love the fact you call him that lol. From what you write it's obvious he cares about you. The more you care about yourself and love yourself and do things for you the more permission you give him to show you how he feels about you. Enjoy it and glad you had a good Valentines Day!

    emoticon emoticon
    1924 days ago
    Congrats on the 1 yr! Everyone has ups and downs glad you managed to get through things. Also very happy you found a teaching job!!! God luck on your journey! Also very happy you call your bf "the boy"! I call mine "the man thing". :)
    1924 days ago
    Congrats on not giving up. It's not an easy road and I know I have wanted to give up so many times but keep going just to prove everyone that says I can't do it wrong.

    1924 days ago

    isn't it a pain, one little setback (which might end up being a blessing in disguise, don't forget!) and we deflate. wind out of our sails!
    how wonderful you have people thinking of you to get you back on track!

    my goal for this week is to say 'wow!' whenever something positive, however small, happens, and try to inflate the event as big as possible.
    and forget the fuddy-duds, don't give them any energy.
    1924 days ago
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