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Friday, February 15, 2013

Last night, while I went out for the first walk-jog in about a week, I did some warming up and then proceeded to jog halfway around the block I use, which measures in full at 1.45 miles according to the tracker on SP's fitness page. I kept up with the slow, deep breathing I did last time, and I didn't stop myself just because it was "time". I jogged until I thought my legs couldn't take it anymore, and then I told them, "Just to that corner. That corner is the halfway mark."

Well, I made it to that corner, took a few minutes to recover, and then jogged a little bit more, then slowed down when I was about halfway down my street to give myself some slowdown time.

My husband kept the girls entertained while I went into the bedroom and did (unbeknownst to him) some sit-ups and some push-ups, and THEN I showered. When I came back to my family and had been relaxing for a few minutes, it was time for him to go to bed, so he could wake up at 4 in the morning. And as he got up, he said, "So, I guess I'm getting my Valentine's day present tomorrow."

Yep. I'd been keeping it in my car, and he's seen part of it, and after I got home yesterday, I plumb forgot about it. So, I guess I'll make sure to get it into the house before he gets home tonight. He spent the last two days cleaning and rearranging a couple rooms; he deserves more than I got him! It's carwashing stuff. Maybe one of these days I'll have to wash his car for him. Not sure if it would be up to his standards, but hey. It's hard to come between a man and his muscle car.

I tracked my dinner, and I found that for the first time since my calorie range dropped, I was within it! I thought long and hard about having some of the leftover cookies that were sent home after my girl's V-day party at school, and I decided it really wasn't worth it, because I was so proud of being in that range... never mind the fact that I wasn't hungry at all.

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