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Camping.. or rather not

Friday, February 15, 2013

Last night I wrote a blog update with the intention of posting it this morning. We planned to go camping, but Albany weather put a stop to our plans.... well, I'll post it anyways, even though I won't be out there in the sticks without internet and showers, but rather at home, all comfortable and warm (and dry)... with access to the internet emoticon

Well, this is what I wrote:

So, today we will be leaving for a little weekend camping trip. We're out of range of basically... everything, no running water, no reception, no electricity and of course no internet.
I am looking forward to it, somewhat at least. Once I'm there I will be fine, but before a trip I'm always reluctant to go... you know, no showers, no toilets, having to set up the tent, having to pull down the tent at the end of it, cooking on a gas burner, no internet, insects, mosquito, uncomfy, most likely not so good nights and the like... and there is also the associations of past camping trips.

(Sorry, pic is upside down again, no idea how to fix that, grrrr)

The last one was just after Christmas, in the middle of JABBA visiting big times, I ate literally like a pig, embarrassing. I went shopping beforehand with the sole intentions to do exactly that: to eat like a pig. I bought chips, crisps, crackers, cheese, soda, chocolate and the like. Yet I felt fat and very unhappy.... and unhealthy as a matter of fact.
And this time will be very different. We will go to the same spot, yet the content of out cooler will be VERY different, packed with lots of fruits, nuts, eggs, wholemeal bread and the like, no soda, no chips.. there might be some chocolate but I will not eat any.
So I will break my streak of logging in at SP every day, yet I will be out in nature, eating healthy, enjoying God's wonderful creation and maybe I will go for a looong run along a beach with beautiful white sand one morning, who knows.... hopefully JABBA won't sneak in. He has many disguises, and he can start a binge with fruit and healthy foods. I don't know if the SP app will work out there in the sticks, but if not, I will track on paper and transfer it once we're back home in civilization. Well, seeya at the other end of the weekend, hasta la vista, ding dong dai... or just plain: seeya later, mate!!!
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