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Fake it Till I Make It

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Friday, February 15, 2013

I do not know why but it seems I always do the things I know not to do and do not do the things that I ought. I look at myself from week to week and say there is another week without exercise. I come home from work and all I want to do is sit and relax. Relaxing can be fine, activity is also needed.

I tell myself that I will go home and do a 20 minute workout and then I get home and collapse. I definitely feel better after I exercise but for some reason it is the process of getting there that stops me dead in my tracks.

I find that I need motivation. You would think that losing weight and my desire to stop using insulin would be the motivation I need. But, sadly, it is not. I wonder how I can make myself come home, change into workout clothes and then workout. It sounds so simple. Why do I make it so complicated? If only I would take that extra step, I could be on my way to real weight loss and a healthier me. Until I make that step, I will always be in a wishing state rather than a victorious state.

My daily affirmation:
Come on Donna! Get it together! Stop wishing! Make your dreams reality and forget about the rest. Make exercise the One thing you desire. Fake it till you make it. You can do it!!!! Yes You Can!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I didn't think it would work, still, I tried it. I joined a challenge to get rid of the negativity and bring POSITUDE to my life . POSITUDE is Postive Attitude. It has worked. If you can some how write down and read what you have written about 3 positive things you did today it will help you. At first you may seem lost for what to put down. Start with almost anything, then when things get better you can write better ones. You have to believe in yourself. Let go of the negative, and I know it's so easy to keep the negative from experience. Let it go, the next time you catch yourself with a negative comment don't let it go any further. Soon you will begin to see the positive, NEVER GIVE UP that is the most important gift you can give to yourself on this endeavor to become the new you, the healthier you. GOOD LUCK emoticon
    1879 days ago
    I agree with the members suggesting morning workouts. Since you are so tired at the end of the day, go to bed early then wake up an hour or half earlier and start with a workout.

    1886 days ago
    How about going in the morning BEFORE you are too tired. I started that and it is working for me. (I was the same - by the end of the day I am to mentally and physically exhausted!)

    1888 days ago
    I love the expresssion "fake it til you make it"...and it works. Good luck with getting on track exercising!
    1889 days ago
  • EG8383
    you can do it...you just have to get it done. like one of the images on my inspirational collage says"There is no magic pill, no special shake, no special diet...just get off your @$$" =) I'm trying to do this daily. Make your starting point something easy you know you can stick to and work from there =). Let make 2013 a successful one!!
    1889 days ago
    It can be hard to stay motivated - especially when you already put in a busy day at work. However - try to find ways to motivate yourself - reward yourself for keeping up with your goals. For me, just a warm, quiet bath away from screaming children could be enough to get me going. However, everyone is different.

    Not sure what to set as a reward? Write a list - write a list of those things that you want to do / want to have - and make them realistic (no diamond watches here). Just list those small things you can do for you - or reward yourself with - that bring a little smile to yourself.

    While food would be a huge no-no as a reward most of the time - even planning a nice dinner for yourself (if you know how to cook) with healthy ingredients would be great.

    My kids used to think of getting "free" cookies at the grocery store as a good thing. Now I reward them by buying something we might not ordinarily - a basket of strawberries - a pint of blueberries - and we treat ourselves with those instead. You could do something similar.

    Take care of yourself and know - you are definitely not alone. Many of us struggle with the same thing. Just try your best to really know yourself - and see what could possibly motivate yourself - and then use it to challenge yourself (especially in those lazy times).

    1889 days ago
    1890 days ago
    Aww! I know exactly how you feel!! My mantra in LIFE is fake it 'till you make it - it works in so many different areas!! :-) You CAN DO THIS!!! Once you get it into a routine, then you will look back and wonder how you ever lived without it! :-) (It's just the GETTING there that's hard.........I SO understand!) You can do it!!!!!
    1890 days ago
    I am same as you, if I wait to get home, I'm parked on the couch, usually with a glass of wine after a particularly stressful day.
    I've taken to working out at lunch...I'm not sure if that's feasible - but even walking up and down the stairwells at work for 15 minutes can get your blood pumping!
    Good luck!
    1891 days ago
    I personally am not one who can seem to get up in the morning to do my workout, and so also always say I'll do it in the evening, and then don't. HOWEVER! I have the most success when I get dressed for a work-out at work. I don't know if that's feasible for you, but if I take the last five minutes to change into my workout clothes, I just have to walk in the door of my house and do it. For some reason that changing into workout clothes right before workout just completely derails me. Too much of a transition I think.
    1891 days ago
    I have a hard time working out in the evening as well! When I spend all day at the office I feel like I "deserve" to take the night off because I "worked really hard during the day and I ate pretty well". I enjoy my workouts in the morning...it makes me feel like my day goes as planned when I get my workout in. When I do have to workout at night I make sure I set my workout clothes on my dresser so I have to think less about changing clothes (I hate that part...even though I usually change into sweatpants after work anyway??) Make sure you are doing something you enjoy!
    1891 days ago
    At first it happened to me all the time, and then the result was pretty much this:
    - Guilt level: Extremely high!
    - Rest level: Way too low (too much guilt to actually feel relaxed)
    - Self esteem: non-existent.
    - Amount of self loathing affirmations: too much to count.
    So, I reached out. I asked my boyfriend to remind me how crappy I feel every time I ditch a workout. When he's not around, I call a friend. Go online a chat, whatever it takes.
    Also, you can implement a reward system: like a small price for you every time you get x amount of workouts completed.
    - Guilt free
    - Relaxed like never before
    - Feel awesome about myself
    - Amount of self loathing affirmations: 0!

    Hope this helps! You can do it, eventually you'll get used to it.
    1892 days ago
  • CHENRY1173
    I used to have the same problem. FIONNA39's suggestion is a good one, workout in the morning. I'm not a morning person unless I absolutely HAVE to be (had to be at work at 5am this morning which is why I'm out here so early.) If you are not a morning person, maybe it's the exercise you are not looking forward to. I have tons of workout DVDs, I'm kind of a junkie. When I get bored with a set, I do another. There's so much out in the world I know there's something that will motivate you to do it everyday!
    Get going Donna, you got this!
    1892 days ago
    Just have to push yourself to do it because there are so many times when you don't feel like doing the workout but after it is complete, you will be feeling great you did!
    1892 days ago
    I used to have a problem with going home and working out when I owned a treadmill. I would tell myself the same thing: "Go home, and do 30 minutes of exercise on that treadmill. It's only a small number." But when I get there, I crash on the couch...ALWAYS. Then I realized I should get a gym membership instead. So I sold my treadmill in place of a year membership. It's much easier for me to get straight off work and drive straight to the gym. Once you make it a routine, it will feel odd NOT going.
    1892 days ago
    I am in that same boat. If you figure something out that works please share with the rest of us as it may be just what I need.
    1893 days ago
  • GRACE427
    I know what you mean.
    Its a challenge driving to the gym after work.. So i decided to buy a piece of equipment for home.. But it was cheap and didnt give me the results the good equpiment does. So..
    Returned it. and heading back to the gym..

    Gym is more of a hassel. but It will show results if we used it. LOL.

    Good luck!

    1893 days ago
    I walk at lunch when I work and dance when I get home from work. Even 10 minutes of vigorous dancing is great exercise. I dance while I am making dinner or right before I start. It is a great fatigue buster.

    1896 days ago
  • FIONNA39
    It's tricky when you get home from work and are exhausted already even though we know exercise usually leads to more energy. I tend to have a nap when I get home then start the next round of chores - being hot here in the summer this works good for the longer cooler evenings and I can fit in a walk then in the evening. Another idea might be to do it in the morning? I used to exercise in the morning and then it's almost forgotten but done for the day... you have to trick yourself though, go to bed in comfy clothes you can walk in and when the alarm goes off fall out of bed, roll over, throw yourself out and then it's too late, you have to get up. Put shoes one, down a cup of water and go out the front door before you have thought about it enough to talk yourself into going back to sleep. The after work idea is obviously not working, don't beat yourself up, just rethink it, rework it and change to a new plan. Best wishes :)
    1896 days ago
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