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How I made Myself My Own Valentine

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Friday, February 15, 2013

Last week I found myself at Kroger on the way home from work. Not an unusual occurrence at all, but I was prowling in addition to picking up forgotten items for dinner. Truthfully, I didn't "need" anything for dinner. I was there for a fix. Something sweet, carby, something I hoped would ease my stress. I ended up eating a kind of stale, cold apple fritter in my car in the parking lot so my daughter wouldn't see me eat it. Now, I've never had a drug habit, but I felt like an addict as I inhaled this thing. I like an apple fritter, but they are best warm and fresh, not 10 hours old and cold.

I was eating carbs, mostly healthy ones but with an additional refined friend, at every meal and some snacks at that point. My calories were way up (even on a day without a fritter) and I was even eating too much fruit on a daily basis. I did not reach 300+ pounds from eating too much fruit but no one needs more than one banana on any day in my opinion!

I realized I had come to rely on sweets and carbs like an addict relies on a drug. I also realized I could very easily regain a lot of, if not all of, the 100 or so pounds I've lost if something didn't change. I knew I would have to go cold turkey to get rid of the intense cravings, and I would need a plan to put healthy carbs back into my life.

I decided to return to the South Beach diet and really work it. I began phase 1 Feb 9. This put me on day 6 yesterday, Valentine's Day. I teach 2nd grade and kids LOVE to bring candy to their teacher. Mostly the inexpensive kind, which I knew I would be ab;e to resist, but sometimes you'll get a really nice box.

Yesterday I got 2 inexpensive boxes, one nice box, a REEEAAALLLYYY nice assortment of truffles, a cupcake, a bajillion suckers, and lots of small candies. I thanked my students with lots of hugs as they brought them, let the items sit on my desk until the kids went to their ancillary classes, then offered them up to coworkers.

I ATE NOTHING!! I had my planned snack of cherry tomatoes and a cheese stick, drank a lot of water, and chewed a stick of gum. I made it through on plan!


The best gift I got? An insulated clear glass with a lid and a straw (kind of like a Tervis tumbler) with a few individual candies in it. Brilliant! This student is the 4th on the family that I've taught, so the family has seen me lose quite a bit of weight. I don't know if that played a part in their decision, but it was a brilliant gift!

Yay, me!

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