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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Wow, it's really been 11 months since I blogged on Spark People?!? Time flies, and it has been mostly fun. At least I can say that, overall, it's been good. I need to do some updating on my page, to be sure. I'm no longer 'getting ready to turn 40'; been there, done that! November brought that milestone, and right before that, I met another. I decided early on in 2012 that I wanted to run 4 half-marathons to commemorate my year of hitting forty. I think one of my last blogs detailed my bout of bronchitis which sidelined me from my first scheduled race. After that, I ran the IL HM, the Carlyle Lake HM, and the St. Louis RnR HM. I capped it off the first weekend in November (right at the buzzer as my birthday was on the 16th) with the St. Louis HM. My big goal was to crack 2:30 and I did it- 2:29 and change! WHEW! So, my mission (2012=4(13.1)B4BIG4-0) was accomplished. Not all has been about running, though that was a goal I got to check off that meant a lot to me. I've continued to exercise with good consistency. I also have continued to have some struggles on the food front. My two friends that I work out and run with (my angels, to be sure!!!) use My Fitness Pal for food tracking. They convinced me to start tracking my food there so we could hold each other accountable. Majority ruled, so I've been doing that on there for a week. Things are going well, but I have to say that I like Spark People a WHOLE lot better. For one, I like the set-up of the trackers here. Secondly- and this is a big one for me- I can't believe how incredibly 'snarky' people are on their message boards. I have read a few threads, and some of the things people post blow me away. I have no intention of taking part in their 'community', other than corresponding with my friends who are personally known to me. Wonder if anyone else has looked at or been part of My Fitness Pal and felt similarly? Well, I am hoping I can convert my friends to Spark People's food and fitness trackers at some point...but at the very least I plan to come here for the online community support. The Spark People atmosphere seems so much more positive and helpful in that regard! My goal is a monthly blog, for me as much as anyone- but others are more than welcome to read them and comment should they choose. So to my friends, I'm sorry I haven't been around for support. I hope this finds you well. My plan: to stop by weekly, catch up on as many blogs and status updates as I can, and take in the positive vibes everyone here provides. Hopefully I can pay some of that back in kind.
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    I'm glad you're back!! AND WOW and CONGRATULATIONS on accomplishing your awesome mission!!! That's is inspiring!!!

    I've tried a few of those other fitness sites, too, because people ask me too. But I keep coming back to Sparkpeople! It's the best, it's easy to use, and I trust the contributors. And that's sad about those other message boards! I'll be sticking with Spark, too. :)
    1888 days ago
    :) Crazy? Nah, but if you do the two back-to-back half marathons, it does qualify you for Half Fanatic status. If you don't know about HF, just google it or go to Basically you pay dues and get a lot of friendly support at races and if you join the FB group. Whenever I run a HM wearing my gear, it is so great to have others there who are automatically a friend.
    1894 days ago
    Thanks for stopping by, everyone! I am still running. I have a 5 mile race tomorrow in StL and my next HM will be the Alton HM third weekend in March. Contemplating doing a HM for Downs Syndrome the next day in StL. Would that officially earn me my crazy card?!?!? ;) Also doing the Illinois HM again in April. It's still by far my favorite out of those I've run to this point. Yes, this is the place to be, especially for online support. For now, I'm going to stick it out with MFP tracking but keep up with my SP Friends, too. Trust me, if you haven't checked out the MFP message boards, you aren't missing a thing! I did look into synching, but I think that has to do with those that are using FitBit? I'm pretty technologically challenged, so I may be mistaken. It's so good to hear from some friendly faces! :)
    1894 days ago
    YAY! You're back! I was using MyFitnessPal (cuz my aunt and sister have it) I thought it would be a good way to keep accountable. Nope :( It's really hard for me to find people who will keep me accountable and not feel like I'm doing something bad, when I do treat myself.
    1894 days ago
    Happy Belated Birthday! LOL - WOW - I ran the IL HM too! My friends use fitness pal too and don't like SP, but I just can't do the change. I would love to give them the extra support and be accountable for them and to them, but I don't know that I could change to fitness pal. I like what SP has given me over the last 3 years and it has worked for me. Congrats on the 4 HM - totally awesome! Are you doing the IL HM this year? I am signed up for the IHalf challenge - 5k friday with half on saturday. I really wish there was a SP booth or meeting spot or something for SP there!!!
    1895 days ago
    Congratulations on making your goals! I just tried out MFP last week because a friend insisted it was "so fantastic".... NOT. The trackers are slow and clunky. I didn't even bother with the message boards. I already decided I had it good at SP and no need to venture off. Welcome back!
    1896 days ago
  • KSW1963
    There you are! What an accomplishment to celebrate turning 40 :). I wonder if you could link your sparkpeople account with your Fitness Pal account? I thought I had heard that you could. That would make it easier for you to track.

    I as away for a while too...But I am back and will hopefully do well this year.
    1896 days ago
    Welcome back! I have tried My Fitness Pal, but just can't get used to it. I really never checked into the community as I was trying to get comfortable with the trackers first. Wendy (ex-Sparker RunTriLaugh) uses it and encouraged me to try it. She feels the trackers are easier to use, but is not impressed with the message boards, but never explained why.

    What a great running accomplishment for your 40th birthday! Are you racing any this year or did that do you in?
    1896 days ago
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