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If you are loved on Valentine's Day you have the world by the tail!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

emoticon Valentine's Day...what a special, special day! If you are loved you are special! That doesn't mean you have to be loved by someone else...self love is actually the BEST kind of love we can ever savor!

It means that we have settled into our own skin, and have accepted our flaws and feel happy with the total package. Believe me...self love IS the best love!

We were put on this earth for a good reason, and I think that reason is to find and love our own true selves. Yep...warts and all.

Because it's only when you can feel comfortable within yourself that you are able to open up and expand to the love of another.

True THAT! emoticon emoticon Right? Of course it's right. emoticon

So I'm telling you if on Valentine's Day you might be feeling a little in a funk because you don't have a significant other...I'm telling that YOU do have a significant other... of COURSE you do...just go take a gander in the mirror! emoticon And then...LOVE the ONE you're with! emoticon

If you are lucky enough to have found someone who is so special that they accept you when you are a little grumpy, or they love you in spite of the fact that you look like HECK without make up..or a little fluffy when you used to be a show stopper... then you are truly, truly blessed!

I'm blessed in the most marvelous way! When I got home from work tonight what did I find on our kitchen counter?

Woo hoo...he remembered. AND I'm SO glad I didn't carp at him about not giving me a card first thing this morning. I'm usually the impatient type. I held my tongue knowing how crazy busy we've been at the consignment gallery...and really WHAT could I say when I dropped the ball and didn't get HIM a Valentine's Day card...something I'm usually very diligent about.

YIkes...that's NOT cool! emoticon

So when I sheepishly told him how beautiful his card was and how appreciated the roses were and how I was SO looking forward to a nice Valentine's Dinner out tonight with friends I felt like a derp~ for not getting him a card!

What did he say...it's no big deal to me, I know you love me more than you love your beads!

HA...that beautiful guy DOES have a sense of humor! Am I blessed or WHAT?

It doesn't hurt that he's CUTE too! He's sporting his new specs here from last weekend's dinner group outing.

Soooo I'm telling you...no matter how poop filled my life may be if we lose this house...it's nothing in the scheme of things. If you have someone that you love...and someone who loves you BACK....you have everything the universe could EVER serve up!

If you are looking for that special someone, conjure them up in your mind...every last detail to what color of eyes, what color of hair, what height, what characteristics and then let yourself envision you and them...happy together.

The universe brings you what your heart most desires...but it must be open and receptive and appreciative for what you now have.

Like I always say...Your FOCUS is your reality. If you focus on scarcity...then scarcity you will achieve, if you focus on love and what you need to contribute to a relationship than love you shall have! Easy peasy...right?

So on this beautiful rainy Valentine's Day here in Florida...I'm wishing you all..my darling sparkling friends...big and fabulous and sloppy and complicated...LOVE! emoticon emoticon emoticon It's OUT there...now go forth and FIND it!

A wedding we attended this summer with Jason, a fantastic employee of ours when we had the big construction biz. This is a guy that said he'd NEVER, EVER, EVER find the right woman...hey...it happened in spite of himself! emoticon emoticon

And...as I said...there's some emoticon one for every one...it's just YOUR job to find them!
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