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Catch the VD fever!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

No, I’m not bitter. That’s only been the case once, really, even though I’ve been unattached far more than not on Valentine’s Day, a celebration of a guy getting lynched and beheaded. Okay, maybe twice on the bitterness front. One year I got dumped just three weeks prior, so that one was a given, and the year after, there was residual angst. Anyway, I get to spend a cheap day doing nothing while other guys lay out a pretty penny on flowers (with prices jacked up 2 or 3 times) and candy and various other sundries.

I’m always amused by the tales of huge workouts and careful eating resulting in weight gains, as contrasted to laissez faire food choices and minimal exercise leading to losses. I’m pretty sure we’ve all been there, at one point or another. I’d like to think it all evens out in the end, leaving the real scale movement to the combinations that make sense (ie better food and exercise equals losses, and, I suppose, vice versa).

Today’s a “I just don’t wanna” day, in terms of exercise, or getting to the gym. Still have 4-5 hours to remedy that before the gym closes, see if I can roust myself. If I need an excuse, I’ll point to my right eye. I poked myself in it yesterday, and while no damage was incurred upon the eyeball itself, I somehow managed to scratch the outside of the eyelid in three spots. One of those, “You don’t realize how often you touch your face until you cause (very minor) injury to one of the spots that gets hit over and over and over again” incidents.

Going to the favorites well with music today, the last couple hours spent listening to Rush. Thought I’d share an instrumental with you folks, “La Villa Strangiato”. It’s subtitled “An Exercise in Self-Indulgence”, which might cause eye rolls amongst non fans who already view these Canadians’ work as self-indulgent. To which I have a 6 word rejoinder: Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. And that might be the last time you see me reference that institution positively. Although, if I ever make it down to Cleveland to check it out, I reserve the right to repeat that statement.

Last thought, it was 9 years and 1 day ago, 2/13/04, that I went skiing for the first and only time in my life. I bring this up because a couple of years ago, I found a receipt from that day, as well as liability waiver I’d signed, on which I listed my weight as 165 lbs. That’s my goal for the end of the year. Ten years after that day, 2/13/2014, I want to weigh the same as I did on 2/13/2004. Or less. I guess I wouldn’t mind that, either.

And now I’m having flashbacks to the year 2000, during physical therapy after ACL surgery, when I hopped on a scale with my withered leg, and it showed 158 lbs, and the nurse expressed surprise, saying she never would have guessed I weighed that much just looking at me. The whole skinny fatness thing, pounds hidden in the trunk while the arms/legs/face looked ok. Years later, the face, at least, had caught up with the reality, leading, in part, to my popping in here.
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    hey only two spiteful VD's? That must be a world record!
    1890 days ago
    I felt for you with the poke in the eye ................ (or multi scratches) ......... My little nephew (whe two) poked me in the eye and lacerated my cornea ........ and I had to be driven all the way home (250 miles) ........... in which I held a cloth over my eye that was screaming in pain!! Went to the ER once home and the Dr. had me stay IN BED the following day in total dark and eye patched ............... Miserable pain ............ and I know .......... sometimes Valentines day can be painful ................... so know ........... we love ya here and enjoy your blogs and posts! ....... You rock!! 2B emoticon
    1890 days ago
  • BOPPY_
    My goal is 180. I started at 306, 88 weeks ago. I weighed 199.8 this AM, up 1.8 lbs from yesterday AM.

    Yesterday ,I was well-under my calories and I worked out. Today I was over and worked out less. As they say, ''stuff' happens'.

    When I reach 180, I will have achieved a weight, I have not seen since college, when I was a wrestler at 165 lbs. I've been married for 42 years, and my wife has never seen me at anything under 195.

    My point? It's doable by you. And, you don't have to buy all the Pollyanna dogma and propaganda. You do have do be consistent, and exercise at least a little every day.

    1891 days ago
    Everyone should enjoy VD once a year! I, like you, have only been skiing once in my life (downhill anyway). It was in 1989 and I did it in a blizzard! I had no idea that it was a blizzard mind you (California blizzard by the way, not full blown, people dying blizzard) because I had never been up in the mountains when it was snowing! I was at one of the most popular ski resorts in Nor Cal, Dodge Ridge (which is low elevation also) and there were only about 15 people on the slopes. There were about 1,500 in the lodge staying warm and out of the weather!

    The take away from that day? Skiing sucks and so does snow!
    1891 days ago
  • MARTY728
    VD Fever.... emoticon

    I am guessing that your year 2000 flashbacks prove you are dense or high density individual. emoticon

    I enjoyed this blogs and the others of yours that I have read. You are good!
    1891 days ago
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