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Thursday, February 14, 2013

On Monday! emoticon I knew there was a possibility of surgery; but not that it would get scheduled so soon (which is partially my fault - but less time to think about it...). Let me s'plain - no - is too much - let me sum up (for all you Princess Bride fans out there - I love Indigo....).

I've been having worse problems than usual with my back, and new problems with numbness in my leg, since November. I tried physical therapy in December, which was cut short because it made me worse.I saw my doctor in mid January for my physical, had an MRI the 22nd, and was referred to a neurosurgeon for a consult. I saw him Tuesday.

I have a very small bulge in my L3 disc, which isn't pressing on anything - the troublemaker is a large bulge in my L4-L5 disc; and the fact that my L5 vertebrae has slipped forward slightly out of place. Both of these are placing pressure on nerves. Hence the surgery - spinal decompression and fusion. I was expecting to have to wait quite a bit to get on the surgery schedule; but she offered me Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday next week. What the heck! I went for it. Now it's just getting things lined up at home. I don't think Ian and Kris are all that thrilled that I'm going to be sleeping downstairs in the computer room for at least six weeks - it can't be helped tho....

So I'll be gone; but then I've been mostly gone anyway - it's been hurting to sit for too long, and it makes my leg go numb. I know - with me it seems to be one thing after another, eh? If it's not a family crisis, it's another surgery, LOL! emoticon

Catch ya'll on the flipside! emoticon

emoticon and Blessings... Midgie emoticon
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