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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Now that it's Valentine's Day everyone is talking about love, especially love for a significant other. Many of us, for many reasons, don't have a significant other to "share the day" so what do we do?

Certainly sitting around lamenting our situation is one option. Spending time with other loved ones is a better option. But why do we limit our love to certain people on a certain day?

Love is endless and eternal. Love can not die or run out. In fact, the more we express love and act out of a place of love, the more we open our lives up to love and the more love we will experience daily.

So how do we do this? It's one of those things that's simple but difficult. It takes work and consistency but, much like eating healthy foods and exercising and cleaning the house, it's worth it.

The next time you're angry and want to curse someone, smile and tell them to have a nice day. If someone cuts you off in traffic, instead of flipping a bird, flip a peace sign. If someone insults you, find something to compliment them about.

And please let go of jealousy and envy. When you tell someone you're jealous of them, it's almost like you're saying "You don't deserve that. It should be mine!" Try saying, "That's wonderful! I hope to have that one day, too! I'm so happy for you!"

This works for self-talk, too, by the way. When you hear that voice within you mumbling insults at you, telling you how you're wrong or stupid or ugly, make a concerted effort to tune out the voice and say something nice about yourself. Oh, there's plenty nice to say about you! Look at how far you've come! You've lost so much weight/inches, you made a healthy choice for your last meal/snack, those jeans are off the hook! And your hair? I just LOVE that color!

Of course like many things this will involve a certain amount of "fake it until you make it". But if you want to live in a kinder, politer, more loving world, it has begin with you! Like I said earlier, it's really simple but that doesn't mean it's easy!
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    Love is one thing that when given away tends to grow not diminish, same as smiles, kindness, and generosity. Yet for many of us, when love is equated with the wrong things (such as food, meeting specific expectations, events, alcohol, or lust), it turns into something that it was never meant to be. Love is supposed to make good things from bad things, strength from weakness, and happiness from difficulty. Love is proven by actions, not things. When we give ourselves love, it grows when it is 'fed' with positive memories that can't be taken away, not from items that can be destroyed.

    I don't know if the commercials are down by you, but in MN there's a pizza commercial playing that says "love at 375 degrees". Every time I see it I want to spit in the face of the marketing team who created it. Food is not love! Bringing home a pizza for dinner is not love. This commercial is just another symptom of the obesity plague in our country: people believe food is love and that making their lives 'easier' by not having to cook is giving them back their lives. It's the exact opposite: taking the time to make a family dinner then sitting down for a conversation while it is eaten is love. Giving ourselves healthy food is love. Marketing pizza as a replacement for love is disgusting and pathetic.

    If we could each add positivity to others' lives, it would make a big difference in changing the world for the better. It's something we all can try to do, as best we can, and hope it spreads.
    1921 days ago
    Happy Valentine's Day!
    1922 days ago
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