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A world without tears

Thursday, February 14, 2013

This is very beautiful poem that was sent to me.
I have no idea who wrote it, and you may have heard it before, but its worth a second read.


Just think of a world, a world without tears
Where a man can live for a million years.
With never a grief, ache, or a pain
And never a thought of dying again.
(Revelation 21:4)

Think of a world when a man plants a vine
He can sit in its shade and say, "this is mine."
He will live in his house, his own hand has made,
And none shall molest or make him afraid.
(Micah 4:4)

Think of a world without bloodshed or strife
Where no man dare take another man's life.
Where man unto man will unite in peace
And malice and hatred forevermore cease.
(Psalms 46:9; Isaiah 2:4)

Think of the earth as a global paradise
Where mountains and deserts will dazzle your eyes
With beautiful flowers and shrubbery and trees,
With gay butterflies, song birds, and bees.
(Isaiah 35:1)

Think just as sure as God's Word is the truth,
A man shall return to the days of his youth.
His flesh shall become as the flesh of a child
And the words that he speaks will be cheerful and mild.
(Job 33:25)

Think of a world where a lame man will leap
From crag to crag like a deer or a sheep.
Where none will be deaf or none will be blind
And the dumb shall sing and speak forth his mind.
(Isaiah 35:5,6)

Think of a world where each man is his brother
Not esteeming himself above that of another.
Where man unto man will be friend to friend
In a world without tears that will never end.
(Psalms 133:1; Acts 10:34, 35)

Think of a world where the dead will have risen
From their silent tombs that held them in prison.
To forever live, to love, and care
With their loved ones and friends everywhere.
(1 Thessalonians 4:9)

Now a world without tears is not just a dream
As many a person might make it to seem.
For just as sure as the Bible is true,
A world without tears now lies before you.
(Isaiah 25:8)

And since such a world before you now lies,
Wouldn't you like to live in such a paradise?
And share all the blessings that God has in store
For all who would do his will forevermore.
(Isaiah 65:17)

Good news of the Kingdom is the gladsome song
Throughout every nation, kingdom and throng.
And all who are thirsty for truth are invited,
To join the New World Society and be united.
(Revelation 7:9; 22:17; Matthew 24:14; 1 Corinthians 1:10)

In praising our God, our Savior and King
And giving Him all we have, everything!
That we might live throughout endless years
In a world without sorrow, a world without tears.
(Romans 12:1)

My words from here on.
´╗┐That world will be a dream come true.

So now onto how I feel on day 2 after seemingly finding the right Dr (or maybe just finding a homeopathic Dr?)
I feel grand. I woke early again to have the blood test they missed yesterday done. After that my sister (who took me) and I went and shared the breakfast special and got joined by my mom. Much enjoyment, laughter and stuff we parted so that my mom could go and exchange some stuff she had bought...in a wrong size and my sister and I went to look at cars. They still have to find a vehicle for their son in Bethal who's car was stolen and my younger son is looking for a car. Since both young men are working flat out at the moment, we are doing the ground work AND i have the energy to do it.

A few hours later (its 12.38 now) I still feel fine, maybe not quite as energized as yesterday, but good enough for me. Maybe yesterdays super charge energy was due to (a) my lengthy sleep (all afternoon and all night) (b) relief from knowing what was wrong (I truly thought something sinister was wrong and attacking my vital organs. But today I have done all my house work, busy working on finishing the little gift for the girlfriend and run around some.

I am so grateful to be me again.

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