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Valentines Day: love it or hate it?

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Scrolling through my facebook newsfeed tonight it is impossible not to notice the effect that this holiday is having on all my friends! I am not sure if it is just a college student that place such a big empasis on this one holiday or not (let me know!) but it all seems a bit ridiculous to me. It seems there are three types of people- those that loathe Valentines Day, those that loathe Valentines Day because they are single, and those that ARE JUST SO EXCITED! It is truly interesting to me how divided people are (and how upset they get!!) about a holiday.
On one hand Valentines Day appeals to me because I love to make other people feel special and it provides me just one more opportunity to do just that! As someone who is in a great relationship at the moment I have nothing to complain about in that direction either (for once!) My beef with tomorrow's holiday is not that. As fellow healthy eaters you all know exactly what I am talking about- THE FOOD.
Has anyone else felt that this week is especially hard to stick to plan? On top of Valentines Day parties, with all their food and drinks, there is the candy. Oh, the candy. Because of the increasing commercialization of the holiday it is literally a day devoted to candy and cheap tacky gifts at this point.
It seems that after the holiday season and all its chances to indulge we were able to get back on track, drop our sweet tooth habit, and get going some since of normalcy. And then comes Fat Tuesday and Valentines Day all in literally 1 week! I am not the type of person who makes New Years resolutions but I can see how this week knocks so many of those that made commitments to lose weight (and those of us who are just trying to be healthier) off the proverbial wagon.
Besides the candy there is also our tendency to celebrate using food. As someone who is trying hard to make sure I DON'T use food as a reward this is really frustrating! I admire those of you who are going on active dates, spending the time to develop yourself, or making your own healthy treats and meals. You go guys! Keep making a difference. My plan, at the moment, is to tell my boyfriend not to buy me any candy, eat something delicious for our dinner and halve it, and to amp up my exercise!

On a side note:
People are asking me to update them on my nutritionist meetings so here it is! I have met with her twice since I last posted about it. We are meeting every 2 weeks. April is an awesome teacher and we have had long discussions about how and why I self sabotage. We are focusing on why I am occasionally "going off the deep end" with one of my favorite foods (my obsession at the moment is caramel chocolate.) Although my binging has not been bad enough to cause me to gain weight yet (and this is such a blessing) but it has stalled my weight loss. I immediately get back on track but my guilt remains. I have read all the spark articles about guilt and getting back on track find everything they say to be true...but for some reason it has yet to help. My assignment for the week: practice self forgiveness! She asked me to meditate once a day on what I HAVE done right that day...no matter how bad the day was health-wise. Oh, and my second assignment: don't buy any more chocolate for the time being...even if I do have the best of intentions. My ultimate healthy self will incorporate chocolate in moderation but I am not there yet!

If you have gone through the same thing let me know what helps for you! I am definitely in need of a "break-through" moment when it comes to this!

Happy Valentines!,
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    The best thing I know for sugar binging is to try to cut it out completely for a while. It's an addiction, and the craving will go away after 3-5 days if you stop completely. It's very hard at first but it works. I no longer crave sugar. But don't get me near those chips... lol!
    And don't have any sugar things in the house. Just asking for disaster to strike.
    Good luck and spark on!

    1920 days ago
    I've had similar problems with binging (well actually i've been steadily gaining, so kudos to you for maintaining). I am going back to IOWL to deeply recommit to releasing weight again.
    1921 days ago
    Having binge foods in the house is a big trigger for me. My hubbie brought home one of those HUGE cans of sugar cookies and cracked it open. He left is on the counter and it wasn't long before I was pick pick picking at it. Arrrgggghhhh!
    1921 days ago
    I am not a huge fan of Valentine's day as i think it is too commercialized but don't hate it either. I am in a relationship and we do something special on Valentine's day but i don't feel that we need a specific day to say that we love each other. This should be a daily thing.

    Great Blog.
    1921 days ago
    Another Great Blog! I still get in some chocolate but I track it when I do. I am one that if I was to take it out completly I would have this feeling of punishment and then if I was to get a hold of chocolate I would probably abuse it so I incorporate it into my calorie allowance when I feel the need. Forgiveness is a powerful thing and one I still need to work on. I have a DH but he doesn't get me anything nor I give him. He use to until he got me hooked and then decided it was too commercial (which it is) but I think his reasons are so he doesn't have to make an effort. LOL! I've gotten over it because he is a wonderful man and all in all that is all that matters. However I give a little something for my kids.
    1922 days ago
    Forgiveness is a powerful force! You deserve it.

    1922 days ago
  • 123ELAINE456
    Awesome Blog!!! Thank You for sharing this with us. I am alone. So I don't buy things that temp me to eat them. You might try that. Don't buy the things that gets you into trouble like that. God Blessings to You and Everyone. Have a Super Happy Valentine Day. Take Care.
    1922 days ago
    Been there done that... I love chocolate, surprise... and have gone from a whole block to one or two pieces three times a week, it was slowly I might add I'm not superwoman...:) I changed to dark chocolate and I make sure I eat it before lunch, and I eat really good healthy food to keep me full.

    I found that sugar makes me hungry so if I give myself a small piece and eat well I am satisfied. When I eat well; lots of protein and veges and small amounts of carb in five small meals a day, I don't get hungry.

    Every person is different so I try not to follow what others do but test what works for me. It is frustrating sometimes as I have to see saw for a while to get the best results.


    Enjoy the journey. You are doing great!!!! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1922 days ago
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