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Things have changed a lot since December..

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

In my December entry I was struggling because I was overwhelmed because of my new job, well now my shifts have been cut down a lot which creates a lot of room for boredom. I have also been notified that my job will end at the end of March because the place of business is closing. I will soon be unemployed after only be employed for a short 5 months, learning most everything from scratch, and being lulled in to a false sense of security (after 3 months of unemployment).

So now I am looking for a new job. The plus is that I have more time to concentrate on improving my healthy lifestyle, the negative is that job searching is just a tad soul-destroying, and not having a fixed routine takes a toll on your motivation and self esteem. Especially since my partner is also unemployed at the same time, so we are both home.

But we are doing well, we have started juicing, and eating more fish, fruits and veggies.
Although exercise for me has been non existent for nearly two months (minus one spin class a week).

My fitbit fund has come to a halt at half way, mostly because I can't justify buying one until one of us gets a stable job again. My calories have been in the 2000s and fluctuate a lot, so my new short term goal (starting today) is to get 5 days in a row with 1500 calories or less. I know I can do this because I have done quite well in the past at consistently keeping my calories at bay.

Things that will improve my likelyhood of success:
Improving my sleeping schedule- and therefore my eating schedule (REALLY struggling with this)
Eating protein at every meal
Eating enough fibre - fruits and veg
Drinking 8 glasses of water a day
Tracking calories as I go- saving for treats- especially on valentines day
Calculating recipes in advance

So wish me luck! I am not going to get upset at myself if I fail, any improvement is better then none, and I can always try again.
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