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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Well just found out a good friends hubby has passed away after a lengthy battle with brain cancer. He ewas around my age not sure exactly. Sad for her, but am sure she is glad he isnt' suffering as he has been palliative for nearly a year. Sigh... puts my rant from this morning in perspective in more ways that one.

And weird things that my body does! Went to massage this afternoon. As I mentioned he is stretching my myofascial sections in legs, back and hips rather than massage, last week I was pain free for 5 hrs after. So got on the table on my back a bit easier than last week. We are chatting nad he picks up my R leg, and is pulling it a bit very very gently and I say oh that hurts my back waist area right around left and r. Okay and he adjusts a bit then he does other leg etc. Then after a bit more stuff, I said weird my insides of my L leg feel as if they are twitching. okay that is the nerves. so that went on and I said I am feelign strange, oh how so.. not sure but I feel as if I am shaking. So he slowly goes baack to put my leg down and I start to shake. Shaking out of control my legs, my arms even my chest and then my lower back wont contract to lay on the table. I am layign there saying this feel weird... I am not doing this. He said nope that is all involuntary WOW. Probably continues for about 5-8 mins as he then put his hands under my back and rubs where it is so sore and tight. whew.. what a way to get a few extra mins on the table! LOL I also showed him my arm which has been so itchy and now has scabs and a spot that is raw. He said it could be that brachia.... but he wonders after the shaking incident ( cos he said no way that me touchign a certain nerve would have had all of you shake) if my arm and the shaking is an auto immune issue as I am so sore and inflammed. I wondered if I should go to chiro tomorrow he said yes let them know. I said was going to space you one week chiro the other, he said yea but go tomorrow.

So here is more evidence that I need to find a way to take care of myself that works. Massage works while he is doing it and a while after, chiro feels great and works for while... but what can I do. So must get eating healthy and some how exercise that I don't do more damage to my back. I also asked if he thought there was diff or more damage than before. He said he wouldn't know with just touch. Anway that was my "out of body " exerperience. I told dd she said that's not out of body, well no but when I am laying there watching myself shake it was weird. Sort of like when you get the chills and 'someone walks on your grave "as my mum used to say.

Have supper started, Allie wants out but she doesn't need to be out front, and hubby is downstairs doing something to ddads puter, he is always doing something that wrecks it but oh I didnt do that. so since hubby only went down to give him his watch that he fixed, I am sure he isnt too impressed being down there that long. Oh well I will call him up for supper soon.

Best go for now, talk to you all later!

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    How peculiar! Always knew you were weird emoticon emoticon
    HAve a good day hun , luv yer to bits emoticon
    1922 days ago
    wow weird experience, its good you can have myofacial release therapy, it put my shoulder arm neck etc into spasms it was awful, I am like you nothing more they can do only temp fixes, I really think what we are ating is the answer
    relax tonight
    1922 days ago
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