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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

It's not yet been a week but I needed to push myself after reviewing my goals for the first time since posting. This is sort of my first status/accountability check and mainly to keep me as close to on-track as possible.

1. Pictures and Measurements - done. I'm sure I've done this a few times since last July but that's the last time in my tracker. Hmmm. While none seem that great in 5.5 months, but a highlight is 1.75" lost from thighs. Other numbers going down (except my calf muscles - sigh).

2. Food
- 14-1600 calorie goal. Need to do better with eating, but today should be day 2 in that range and it is getting easier. I've been so hungry. I assume meds or perhaps stress is tricking me in to feeling hungry. Trying to fill up with high-vol and lower cal foods to help. Finding that no exercise limits my calorie flexibility. I knew this, but feeling it/living it is different. It's a good real lesson. Not being mobile makes it easy to stay out of the kitchen, so maybe this time will help set some new habits?
- Plan, track and stick to planned food...getting there
- Plan BIG reward...have two days to do this. I've been too foggy to think. I'm extending deadline to 1/18, but I will have at least 5 ideas by 2/15. (I have one idea - visit a naturopathic doctor)

3. Exercise
I did upper body work on Sat and Sun which was probably too soon. I did more today and plan for this to be the official streak start. More to come on next level of exercise after Dr. visit next week.

4. Other
- Other Healthy Habits. Doing very well with drinking water (easier than expected), green smoothie, green tea (4 cups per day), staying in calorie range (just not quite as low as I really want), oatmeal 4x week, salmon 3x week, no mindless snacking, take vitamins/meds, healthy marinade activities, etc.
- Other Healthy Habits. Need to get back on track with hair loss treatment (by the way, no real hair growth but loss has been reduced). This could tie to an idea for a reward - see naturopathic doctor.
- 20 mins per day of non-fitness activities. I'm doing this, but not exactly as planned. I may share more later. I'm glad I have this goal and even though I'm doing it, it's not quite how I wanted it. This status check is giving me an opportunity to make adjustments.
- Staying accountable when needed. This is the first accountability blog. I'll be posting lists of what I eat If I don't get food under control by this 2/15. I've added dates to some of the goals that need more attention.
- Plan next big goals. Haven't given it a thought. But I've been a little bummed reading all the activities all of you are doing. I need to turn that around in to something positive - like planning. So I'm adding a deadline. To plan (even if I later change) at least 3 things by 2/18.
- New ways to manage stress - haven't thought about it. I meditated a few mins yesterday while stressed about a work staffing challenge. It's not that I meditate regularly or almost ever, but it's not new even though it sort of was new. It helped but I'm not counting towards this goal. Will try something new by 2/18.
- Review goals daily. Nope. I'm aware of most of the goals but I haven't made any effort here.

5. Weight
- Haven't been on the scale but going to try tomorrow AM but not going to count as official weight because of post op swelling, med side effects, etc.

As for my foot. I'm tired of life revolving around an appendage at the far end of my body. I have to plan sleeping just right. My back hurts because I hate sleeping on my back "just so." I have to make sure I have pillows and ice in reach to prop up my foot at all times. When a pillow falls off, it's a major undertaking to get it back. I have to make sure phones, remotes, books, computers, etc. are all within reach. I have to put on a silly "shoe" and get my crutches to make a few steps to the restroom. Bathing is a big pain.

But I'm not complaining AT ALL! - it's just more challenge than I imagined. I have great care from my husband and I'm so lucky. But he is worn out too. Thankfully all the food planning and prep I did before is helping. I look forward to a few weeks from now when I can sleep sound and I don't have to consider my foot before every move. LOL!
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    1953 days ago
    What is it about calf muscles that makes them the slowest part to change? Those jeans that I can slide down without unbutton/unzipping (thanks for the new pair, btw!)? Still a bit snug on my calf muscles.

    You sound like you're doing really well, and as always, rolling with it. I'll reiterate what Para said, and know you'll love yourself through this awkward phase until you're back to right as rain again.
    1954 days ago
    You'll be back to normal soon in the mean time like para said don't forget to be nice to yourself and allow your body to heal.

    I think the Natropathic Dr is a good idea.

    I saw you meditated, if you like short guided meditation you might try
    R>If I have a hard time finding focus it helps.

    If there's anything i can do just let me know.

    1954 days ago
  • _JODI404
    Sorry that you are still in so much pain, and discomfort. I can't imagine how hard it would be... but it is temporary, and this too shall pass.
    Hope you continue to heal and recover well.

    emoticon emoticon
    1955 days ago
    Glad to hear you're doing okay. Take it easy (at least a little), you'll get back to it all before you know it! Good for you for doing food preparation! You are on top of it!
    1955 days ago
    This will soon be over, and you will be back at it. I admire your determination to maintain and continue to lose during this health crisis. If anything, I would recommend that you *be nice* to yourself while you recover. A couple of baby steps back ward (ie losing some leg strength, putting on a pound or two) is natural when your body is going through such a physical upheaval. Keeping on track, exercising when you can, and eating on track is wonderful.... but your body is still going to change a little bit, and that's okay-- it's part of the healing process. You will get back to your bad@ass hiker mama self soon.

    Keep at it. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help. There's this thing, called the postal service, that gives good care packages. Just sayin'.
    1955 days ago
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