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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Yesterday after my trip to the homeopath doctor, and my first dose of meds, I came home, crawled on the couch and fell asleep. I woke much much later so dreadfully tired, I started wondering again whether this was the meds for me? Before I could contemplate that worry too long, I promptly fell asleep again and woke again at 21.30 only to crawl into bed and sleep the night away. But just after my prayer and before falling asleep again, I wondered if I could continue on a medication that made me sleep my life away.....oh I spoke too soon.

I woke this morning at 6.30am feeling like a bright new penny. My goodness, my body was obviously in super serious need of downtime and took it. The meds is NOT a sleeping meds at all, its a medicinal herb and treats chronic fatigue, nervous disorders plus bunches of other stuff. But let me start at 6.30am when I woke.

I literally woke up feeling refreshed but still fully expecting to run dry of energy at some point in the day. I had my blood test at the lab to go to and have to go again tomorrow because the young lady with a bad attitude didn't see the second test request, so only one got done. We were at the lab at 7.30am when there door opened and by 8 we were done. Hubby took me across the road to a coffee shop called Upstairs At Harry's which runs a daily special of 2eggs, 2baco rashers, 2pork/beef sausage, 2 slices of toast, chips & tomato for only R20 ($2.26). We share it because its just too much food for one at a sitting. They don't mind you sharing either...much to my surprise.

After the breakfast and some coffee, I had to meet my friend Carol at Charlene's Material Shop to watch a sewing demonstration....very very informative and they have convinced me, I'm starting a "buy Celeste' a decent sewing machine" project with my family and friends emoticon. That was 2 hrs long and before I got there I thought I'd probably squirm on my chair from exhaustion and need to rush straight home as has been my pattern for 2 months....but NO.

From there, Carol took me for coffee at the mall because of the air conditioners. Todays temperature rose to 38C (100F) and you all know my position on that kind of heat. While we were enjoying coffee and chatting about sign language that we are both learning (btw she gave her first answer on Sunday at the sign congregation...isn't that great!) when the waiters told us that my family had just arrived and were sitting at a different table beyond our view. They linked two tables together for us and we spent some time together. What a fabulous time, laughter and chatter flourished. Suddenly Carol looked at me and said...."you know you have verbal diarrhea today, you must be feeling better." emoticon Better? I was feeling BETTER than better, I was feeling happy and healthy and more like my old self again.

With that thought, the homeopath phoned to give me the results to the first blood test and tell me that the lab had not seen the second test request. I chatted to him about my "overnight recovery" and explained that if I hadn't lived in my skin, I would have thought I had faked the ill health but I know how exhausted, how frightened I felt after each dizzy spell etc...that was not faking it. He explained that it was like taking a bunch of keys and trying various keys which did not work, then suddenly you try a key and BINGO it INSTANTLY opens the door.
The previous Drs had misdiagnosed me....keys that didn't work. He correctly diagnosed me - key that worked, then ended his phone conversation with "I just have one thing to say....welcome back!" Welcome back indeed. Carol felt that I should take it easy and build myself up slowly. Well that isn't me, and never will be me. I feel 100% and that's how it's going to stay on the right meds and according to the homeopath, when I don't feel I need the meds, pack them away till I do need. Its not like chemical meds which is usually a course.

The other interesting thing is, I did a month of trying to be a vegetarian and ate zero red meat, but loaded up on chicken, omega 3 fish, nuts and cheese for my protein. This Dr says that my body, has to have low doses of omega 3 no more than 80g a meal...who knew...and also no more than once a week and I HAVE to have steak twice a week, even a small portion because my red blood cells were low. The thing that builds red blood cells quickly is steak. You should ask my family, I kept saying "I dream about eating an HUGE steak all to myself". The body really knows what it needs. I also did a "what kind of dieter questionnaire" once and it said carnivore....the body knows what the body needs (as long it isnt junk).

I finally got home to a treat and a half. My son had swept and washed all the floors, washed and hung the laundry, washed the dishes and cooked dinner which was in the refrigerator to warm up later. WHAT A TREAT. So regarding my restored energy levels and this treat lead me to dip my 2 dogs, my nieces dog and my moms dog. Then I came back indoors and started sewing a special bag with protective insides for my younger sons girlfriends hair straightener. emoticon She will be traveling and her last one broke in her travel bag, so this is a gift she will appreciate.

Carols right.......I do have verbal diarrhea but I feel so well again. Its 22.30 and time for me to turn in. What a fabulous day. How fabulous it is being ME again.
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