Mental blocks oh my!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

It seems I am losing steam mentally and sorta physically… I am not anywhere near giving up I am just not so on it like I was when I started, I guess it is all very exhausting as I am moving so I don’t feel like I have the time to exercise (which I know is a big fat excuse) also my mom has been sick so I have been going to her house and last minute having to figure something out for everyone for dinner to help out, at this point I am starving so it is a recipe for disaster! Usually she is well and has either already made dinner and if it is something I feel isn’t calorie friendly I just take my kids home and eat a sensible dinner but being hungry, stressed, tired and last minute has been killing my calories in the evening maybe I should eat a lean cuisine before I leave work so I have had my dinner before I get there and will have no desire for eating as I cook for them.

I did manage to make myself do my cardio weight training Monday night… the idea was MWF do cardio core strength training but last week I failed horribly at it so I pushed it this week and even though I didn’t want to do it I made myself and felt great about it but last night I was supposed to do cardio and just couldn’t get myself to do so.. I think I have hit a mental block with exercise and I am not sure how to break it other than just make myself do it. Like Zumba I know deep down I love dancing but for whatever reason I just can’t get myself to do it.. I wish I knew how to get myself out of this mental exercise block I am in. I seriously think I am my own worst enemy sometimes yikes! I am doing pretty good on the food/calorie front (of course buckling down always helps) but for the most part I can work easily with calorie counting it’s this stupid mental attitude towards exercise that is really bugging me. I hope this funk will pass and I will enjoy it again.

I think I keep thinking that once I move and things are a little easier I will be suddenly way into working out but I know right now would be the best to push myself to show me that things will always come up and take my time and I will always try to put me last so I feel I need to push myself even if I am counting down the minutes so that I know I can work through impossible schedules and I am important to take care of too.
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    It sounds as if your cardio choices are all intense, indoor sessions. How about taking a break from that while you're moving and just go for a 10-minute walk a couple of times a day? Moving itself is so stressful, with all the packing and then living with boxes all around, that I can understand the mind crying out against stopping and exercising in the middle of all that. Going for a walk will give you some nice, gentle cardio, and it will help relieve that stress - plus as you're walking you can be making plans and thinking out what to do next. Keep a Kashi bar (or something similar) in your purse to snack on before you get too hungry.
    And, if you miss out on a cardio session - don't beat yourself up mentally, just think of all the cardio you're getting packing those boxes, cleaning the rooms, etc. Just be sure you get plenty of sleep as well. emoticon
    1928 days ago
    About getting overly hungry - yes, it is a recipe for disaster. I'm a member of Weight Watchers as well as SparkPeople and during the month of January we talked a lot about getting overly hungry. The solution is to have a snack in your purse that you can eat when you start to get ravenous (actually, you want to eat it before you get there). Things like apple slices or berries or carrot sticks in baggies work well. Also peanut butter on Wasa or celery might work. Choose things that don't take up too much room, aren't messy, and don't need refrigeration. You could grab a snack when you leave work, then do whatever you need to do and when it's dinner time you'll be ready to eat, but not famished.

    Good luck. emoticon
    1929 days ago
    Maybe try shortening the exercise intervals if you are being worn out exercising an hour a day. try 20 minutes. Or even 10. The best way to break it is to do something you really like. If you like dancing go out and dance for fun. It will probably be easier to get back to zumba after that!

    emoticon emoticon
    1929 days ago
    Don't see it as a block..see it as a little setback. Just give yourself one more day and try it again. You will get the push to get back into exercising emoticon emoticon
    1929 days ago
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