I'm the FASTEST man ALIVE!!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Ok, I'm far from being the fastest man alive but I am faster then the people sitting on their couch! LOL..The other day I took a fitness mile test on a treadmill. I've always been kind of shy about running in front of people. I dont like it when people point out that im trying to run. I guess its self esteem issue type deal. Anyway, I started to take the Mile fitness test, I started to crank it up to a 3.0. If I went any faster I would have to start to run. Well I said the hell with it and started to run at a 3.5. I ended my mile with a time of 20mins and 45 seconds. I was not happy! I have been on this fitness ride for awhile and I should be able to do better then that. Today I decided to do the test again, I knew I had room to improve from the last test. So I pushed myself today, I ran again, was able to do some sprints at 4.0. I was pushing to finish with in 19 mins. Guess what I ran the mile in? 18 mins and 45 seconds! I was big time winded at the end but I was VERY happy! I actually felt like I wanted to throw up like those wusses on the biggest loser..lol..I told myself to suck it up and move on and thats what I did! I may not be the fastest person in the world but Im the fastest I have ever been and im excited about that!
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