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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Doctor's Office called and cancelled hubby's appointment for the biopsy today. Turns out they had not scheduled for a procedure, but had just made time and space for a regular appointment. So now the biopsy is set for NEXT Thursday. That's a long time to wait. And to add to my worry, he has severe pain in the back of his leg, and I'm worried about a blood clot. They did a doppler test when we were in the hospital last week to check for blood clots in his legs since they were so swollen and didn't find anything. So I have a call in to the doctor, while hubby went to WORK! Yes work. I can't keep him home.

The photographer who came to my house and did the shoot for Woman's World magazine called yesterday to tell me that the few pictures I ordered were ready to be picked up. I didn't get too many, they were way too expensive. I am going to try and talk the magazine into sending me the pictures electronically, that the photographer sent to them. That way I could have all the poses, there was a few of me in my kitchen cutting up fruit that I loved, but it's hard to justify buying many pictures when one 8x10, one 5x7, and 10 billfolds cost $150!!! Maybe I can print out a few on my new PHOTO printer!

This is the picture of hubby and I that I have on display. It is from my middle son's wedding in 2006. I never liked it much, but then I never liked any pictures of me back then. Who wants to see themselves as the world sees them, when you're morbidly obese? In my head I never looked that fat.

But pictures don't lie!

I had thought about simply replacing this picture in the frame with this new picture.

But I think I may display them side by side....for comparison...and for a good reminder of where I could go very quickly if I'm not vigilant every single day!

I also got a 5x7 of me alone, which I really like. The photographer got on a short ladder to take this shot from above, and that angle helps to hide my waddle.

I had a GREAT day, eating-wise, yesterday. It's been a while since I had such a GOOD EATING day! I didn't snack other than an orange and some apple slices (NO caramel dip with my apple as I had been doing, cause even though I buy the non-fat caramel dip, the little individual containers are still 150 calories!) I had a 200-calorie frozen pizza and a 40-calorie portion of cauliflower with cheese sauce for lunch. I think a light lunch is the secret. I have the same thing for breakfast almost every morning, a bowl of my favorite cereal with skim milk and a banana. That comes in about 300 calories. If I could keep lunch around 300 calories as well, I could still have 600 calories for supper and a snack or two, and stay around 1,200 calories and drop some of these pounds I have put back on.

Did you read Katie's (
/) blog today? She talks about struggling with an almost-binge yesterday, after being binge-free for 155 days. For some reason when one of my role models writes about struggling with maintenance, it gives me encouragement. Why is that? Probably because it helps me realize that it's not easy for anybody. We all have to work hard at losing weight and keeping it off. It's no picnic. But when you look realistically at all the ways your life has changed for the better, you know it's worth every single bit of effort you put into it. I got to thinking SERIOUSLY about all the ways my life is better now, and all the attention I have gotten from my weight loss, and it makes me aware of how much I never want to go back. I LOVE the attention and I LOVE wearing pretty smaller clothes and I LOVE having freedom to do just about anything I want and I LOVE being so much healthier! One good day down....a lifetime to go.

Isn't it wonderful that we can always start over? It's never too late to start again....Look at me, I'm 62 years old. This morning my very first Social Security Check was deposited into my banking account, and I'm still trying to change. We are all a work in progress, constantly striving to change and grow (or shrink) and be better people. That's why we're here at Spark. I'm not done yet!!!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • CANNIE50
    Wow, such great photos of you - the sweater dress is gorgeous, what a great color. I like the idea of displaying the two photos of you and your husband, side by side. Such a dramatic difference and such a quick reminder of how far you have come.
    1914 days ago
  • LINDAK25
    Disappointing that you have to wait for the biopsy. Praying everything is goes well.

    The pictures came out really great! It is good motivation, isn't it? Good days rock!
    1920 days ago
    Oh dear, I am so sorry that you have to wait another week - the not knowing is always the worst part but I do think that hubby did the best thing by going to work, well at least that is what I would have done, keep my mind off things.

    I love, love, love the photos and here is the kicker - I have been trying to explain to hubby that I want to wear a knitted dress and leggings and he keeps telling me that I am too old for that - I just showed him your photo and said that is exactly what I am looking at and he agreed immediately that it looks beautiful (as do you) - he thought I wanted to wear those tiny little dress/top over leggings that the teeny-boppers wear lol .. so you see .. you have manged to do me even more good he he

    You are in my thoughts and prayers and I am so very proud of you !
    1920 days ago
  • NEEDBU66
    Sorry about your husband. I hope it turns out well. The whole idea that once we've shed the weight we have it easy is not true. We all just want to eat eat eat. and we can't can't can't
    1921 days ago
    That new pictures of you are so amazing. You look so happy. Be proud. Hopefully your husband is taking it a little bit easy.
    1921 days ago
    Love your new pictures ... the real you shines thru! Sorry to hear about your DH ... that's hard. I am dealing with my DH's non-healing from his recent foot surgery. It is hard when you just have to let go and trust that everything will work out. These events always help us grow stronger and we learn, oh, do we learn. Blessings to you and your DH. Love, Jackie O

    PS -- can't wait to see you in Woman's World!!
    1921 days ago
    Your pictures look great! So sorry about all the delays for your husband. I know its hard not to worry. Hopefully everything will go alright.
    1921 days ago
  • KERRYG155
    Glad you got some pictures you like. They sound even more expensive than the church pictures we had done. My picture here was from the church shoot. It would be nice if they sent you the proofs so you could make you own prints.
    1921 days ago
    Great blog! Love the pix, look great. I know what you mean, it is never going to be permanently easy. Last night a date was set for our 40 year class reunion in October. On our Facebook page, to celebrate, one of my classmates posted some pictures of her with a number of us in the past few years. Well, there were 2 of me, probably 65-70 lbs heavier than I am now...(I may post on my next blog for comparison!) I have not been having an easy time lately, easier, but those photos reminded me of how far I have come and how much better I look now than at my last reunion, and kind of fired me up again. I will have to read Katie's blog, have not checked it out yet today.
    1921 days ago
    emoticon emoticon
    1922 days ago
    You look amazing!

    Maintenance is hard for me, too. Every day is a new chance to do it right.
    1922 days ago
  • MARTY728
    Hope all goes well for your husband! emoticon
    1922 days ago
    So sorry about the doctor and worrying about hubby--they just never listen or think, do they? But I love the photos of you and you have EVERY reason to be PROUD of the change you have made!!

    Blessings to you!!
    1922 days ago
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