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Day #234 - I did it....well

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Yesterday's workout - I made it to the track at the college as planned. No problems with parking or security emoticon So I get there and start my c25k and I'm walking and jogging my intervals. By the 3rd run, my knee is like heeeelllllloooo. So I think I started protecting it early which resulted in my calf hurting. So I stopped, stretched a bit and decided that Rome wasn't built in a day so why do I have to conqueror today's routine today?! So I walked the next jog and kept at it until I was done. I walked an additional 25 minutes. I debated about those stairs and that lil inner person tried to talk me out of them but...I climbed any way. I walked up to the 3rd floor, walked across to the other side and down. Yaaaayyyy me

Other goals: Squats - 55 - done; forgot to lift weights - thought it was today - plus was rushing to get to church - planks 35 seconds - didn't do will make up and do 2 sessions tonight. Ate well, didn't get in all my water today.

NSV- co-workers see me going to train Monday and she's yelling across the street to another co-worker - ya'll didn't tell me she's getting that fine emoticon
So I see this same co-worker at the train yesterday and she's like hey sweetie I told co-worker #2 that MF losing weight (that's how she talks - every other word is a curse). Look at you, she says and she's on and on - needless to say I felt a little emoticon as she was LOUD. So people are turning around looking. She says generally when she sees me I'm behind my desk and she only see from the chest up. So as I say I always lose weight from the waist down first. Hey I take it because this stomach of mine is fighting me hard. God sends a boost when you need it most. Lord knows I need it.

Now as for today - it's to the gym, planks 40 seconds and the make-up 35 second and 60 squats. I'm not going to make-up my weights today as I have weigh-in tomorrow. I want to see if lifting the nite before affects my weigh-ins. I'm starting my day with a big healthy calorie friendly breakfast. I have my snacks and lunch ready to eat. I have my water and I WILL drink it all today. NO excuses. So that about sums up my yesterday and hoping to see improvements this month.

Considering not weighing @ home until the last of the month. Since I'm in the challenge at work I have to weigh weekly to stay in it. But the scale is starting to get on my last nerve, although I know its not the tell all to my journey. But even when I took 2 of my measurement areas there was no change. So...think I'll stop weighing weekly.
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