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Worse than I was expecting...

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

So I knew I was going to be up about a 1 lb this week but no I am up 2.2lbs. Its just me...I can't seem to get my moom under control. I do great for a few days then indulge way too much the next. I HAVE to get this under control and really bump up my cardio/ST...

I keep expecting this everyweek and I know I say then I am moving on and not looking back but I can't help it. I am really angry with myself. I am angry that I cannot control myself, that I am no longer consistent, I have no movitation or energy.

This extra weight is really taking its toll on my hips, knees, breathing, the way I feel about myself, my energy, just hundreds of things...yet I cannot get myself motivated anymore and when I do I lose track and become inconsistent...

Guess its time to really dust myself off and TRY AGAIN!
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    Your blog could have been written by me too. Since, January 1st I have gained & lost absolutely nothing. I understand it's because I am so busy right now and have so much stress. The stress causes me to not sleep. When I don't sleep I eat food to stay awake and the last thing I want is to exercise.

    So how do we get through this? Well, I am trying for balance in my life. That means, I don't expect perfection of myself. It means finding ways to be more active everyday. Sometimes, it's not formal exercise. Just taking extra stairs, 10 minute walking bursts at home. I do this when I am tired and need sleep.

    When I am well rested, I do formal exercise and my eating habits are much easier to manage. Under no circumstances should you beat yourself up for not achieving perfection each day. Give 100% and try to find small things that will make your life healthier each day.

    I am making progress even though it is not necessarily measured by the scale. The number of times I wake up each night is down. I am working on clearing the items from my life that stress me out. Finally, bottom line, I have to change my response to stress. That I think is the hardest part.

    OK, realized I rambled. but hope there is something from my experience that you can use to make your life better.
    1924 days ago
    emoticon You only fail if you quit trying. You can do this!!!
    1927 days ago
    Remember you are loved, by your family, your team members, and me! Don't give up...that is definitely a downer. I Know! Hang in there and resolve Not to give yourself permission to slack in nutrition or fitness. The repercussions are Not worth it. emoticon Push through this negativism! You Are Worth It!
    1927 days ago
  • KATELOSS2009
    that anger is exactly what you need... be tired of it!! be done with feeling like this!!! when you look at the cookies and stuff you know you shouldn't overindulge in, hate it for what it does to your body!!

    and then find the love. love the vegetables and lean proteins for how they fuel you perfectly. love the workouts because even though they wear you out and make you tired, every 10 minutes gets you closer to your goal.

    you can totally do this. you can. look in the mirror, into the eyes of the woman who is tired of the crap and find the woman who can do an extra 5 squats while waiting for the shower to warm up, who can push aside the potatoes because they truly don't appeal to her, and who can look at her children and say, "I want to play with your grandchildren."

    you are worth it. you are worth every single ounce of strength it takes to win this. it's not easy, but you're not alone.

    use the anger, and use the love.

    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1927 days ago
    If weight loss was easy we wouldn't need SparkPeople and BLC. So listen to Becky and be gentle with yourself. Just keep trying - things will begin to click. One day at a time - work on eating more freggies, drinking more water, doing a little bit more exercise. emoticon
    1927 days ago
    1927 days ago
    You can do it!
    1927 days ago
  • JUSTME29
    I could have written this too. I know that doesn't help you in any measurable way, but know that you're not alone. We just have to keep trying every single day.
    1927 days ago
    One tiny step at a time, one good choice at a time, you'll get there. Even if you make one step forward and two steps backwards, you're still one step ahead than where you would be if you hadn't tried at all! I know how disappointed at yourself you feel but don't judge yourself so harshly. It's not perfection we're trying for. Try to focus on good, healthy habits and it doesn't matter if you slip some times.
    Choice by choice, you'll find your way back on the right track.
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1927 days ago
    One day at a time. I agree with Becky. emoticon
    1927 days ago
    emoticon Be nicer to yourself! Yes, set goals to move more, but on the days you don't, don't beat yourself up! You'll get there, one goal at a time!
    1928 days ago
  • MAGGIE101857
    You sound just like me! I start the day out great, by dinner time I am on the downslide. I know I am making the wrong choices, I am watching my weight climb and my body add fat and lose muscle, yet I can't seem to get on track.

    Today starts Lent for me. I have decided to "sacrifice" alcohol and chocolate; oh boy! Even the good for you occasional glass of red wine and dark chocolate. I am exercising a bit more but still can't do what I was doing, and I am allowing that to defeat me. Time to change that - I need to "sacrifice" self-pity for Lent!!!

    Let's do this together - let's challenge each other!!! emoticon
    1928 days ago
    keep trying I know you can do it emoticon
    you are stronger than you think emoticon
    1928 days ago
    1928 days ago
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