Hunni makes a change

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Its been a little over a month and my hunni has finally turned over a new leaf. It happened much sooner than I expected but he has thrown out the frying pan in exchange for salads. Unbelievable, I am so proud of him, it really makes a difference when your partner works with you.

I was buying separate food, or simply throwing away food thatzwas loaded with calories he insisted on cooking. He has decided to try the HCG diet and though I would prefer he lose it by exercise the fact that he has changed his eating habits is a huge plus.

I think he realizes now how important it is to me and how I wasn't giving in to the old habits, besides he needs to lose about 50 pounds and he wouldn't want me to show him up. Its been a week for him already lost 6 pounds, I was furious at first but we all know men lose weight faster. Plus I don't really think it has anything to do with the HCG I think his body is in shock..

I am really happy he is willing to make a change not just for him but both of us, we really needed this in our relationship I was angry in the beginning I felt he was sabotaging me that he didn't want me to have true happiness.

I am very thankful
Yet another non scale victory....yay!!!!

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