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Countdown #8 - how prepared are you?

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Pre-challenge assignment #8 was to take this quiz to decide how ready we are for the winter 5% challenge. I didn’t score too badly, but I also didn’t score terribly well. There is definitely room for improvement and preparation and I’ve been giving the questions and my answers some thought. I think I need to address some of the more glaring issues and try to improve my overall chance of success.
So… here goes

1. Is your goal specific, meaning that it includes details like numbers (lose 20 pounds, eat 5 fruits and veggies, walk 30 minutes) and dates (by January, every day, each week)?
Yes, it's got all that!
It includes one of the above (numbers or dates), but not both
No, it's simple and kind of vague (lose weight, exercise more, eat better)
My answer – it includes one of the above, but not both. My goal is pretty vague, but there are numbers involved. Lose a pound a week for the next 80ish weeks, 3-20 minute cardio and 3-10 minute ST sessions per week with those to increase as I get stronger. I’m going to add to that – I expect myself to drink 80 oz of water per day (no more forgetting!) and to strive for 96. Also to have a minimum of 5 freggies per day but try for 7. On my horror team we are doing a “freggies in February” challenge so this goal works in with that as well.

2. How much time are you giving yourself to reach your goal?
I didn't set a timeline because I don't know how long it should take
Get there as fast as possible!
Several weeks or months
My answer – several weeks or months. I know that this isn’t a quick process and I don’t expect to see quick change. I intend to add pieces to my plan as I go but I think I’m ok here. I do expect to take over a year to reach my goal, and as long as I make progress along the way I’m ok with that.

3. Have you told anyone about your goal?
I don't think it's anyone's business
Everyone who will listen!
A few close friends or family members
My answer – a few close friends or family members. I guess to be totally honest a lot of people know that I’m trying to lose weight (again or still) but you all are the only ones I’m being specific with. Hubby is fine, but frankly it’s not anyone else’s damn business. I’m so tired of having my lunch inspected and commented on. More on that some other time.

4. Who will you turn to when you need encouragement and support?
My partner, family, friends and goal buddy
My best friend or a support group
I don’t know yet
My answer – support group. That would by you all. You know that right? You’re ok with that? Cool, thanks.

5. How are you tracking the progress you make to reach your goal?
A checklist
I take a mental tally of my progress
I track my daily actions online or in a journal/planner
My answer – I track my daily actions. Really it’s a combination of all three. The more effective part will be the nutrition tracking here on Spark though.

6. How will you reward yourself when you reach your goal?
Reaching my goal is a reward in itself!
Something fun--a party, a vacation, or some new clothes
Why wait 'til then? I reward myself along the way!
My answer – I don’t actually remember which answer I chose. I struggled with this question more than any of the others. Silly huh? Reaching my goal is a reward in itself is totally true, but I have to admit that since losing weight in the past hasn’t been enough to keep me going I think I’m going to need something else. I’d love a vacation and some new clothes, but there is no way I can promise myself a vacation (what I would want to do is way out of financial possibility) and I’ll have to buy clothes anyway. Shopping is more of a punishment than a reward for me anyway, even if I am buying smaller sizes. Rewarding myself along the way seems worth pursuing, but I never know what to dangle as my carrot for a mini-reward. Things are either out of line money wise or necessities that I’ll have to buy anyway. What rewards have worked for you?

7. Do you believe you can reach your ultimate goal?
Definitely! I can do anything I set my mind to!
I hope so. I'm pretty determined!
I often doubt myself since I’ve failed in the past
My answer – I often doubt myself since I’ve failed in the past. Pretty much my weak link right there I think.

8. What happens when you mess up along the way?
I try not to let it get me down. Nobody's perfect.
I'll enlist my support system and motivational techniques to stay on track.
I usually lose momentum and blow it for the rest of day...or longer.
My answer – I try not to let it get me down. Pobody’s nerfect. This is actually kind of a problem area for me. Sometimes I’m pretty hard on myself, but overall I’m pretty forgiving. I like me, and if me has pizza and ice cream instead of a salad and chicken I’ll be a little ticked but get over it pretty quickly. I really need to work harder on keeping myself accountable.

9. What do you do when you get bored or impatient?
That's when I usually give up or give in!
I change things up for variety and to keep myself excited.
I look back over everything I've accomplished so far.
My answer – that’s when I usually give up or give in. Yep – another serious problem area. When I get bored it’ll be because it’s working. Slow and steady is boring, but that doesn’t make it bad. I just need to keep in mind that sameness isn’t bad, it’s what will take me where I need to be.

10. Why did you set this goal?
To prove that I can do it
Because someone I care about told me that I should
For myself alone
My answer – because I’m sick of being fat. Oh, that’s not an option? Hmmmm. Nope – still my answer sorry.

The quiz results say that I’m “on my way” to being prepared for success. I hope giving my answers some more thought has moved me on a bit towards being truly prepared.
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