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Valentine's date, women, and song!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Soon after we moved to Florida, SWMBO and I "adopted" a nearby Assisted Living Facility. The place is chock fill of mostly widows (a few guys live there too) and we decided long ago that we would do our part for the local community by volunteering to help out this outfit.

So for the last few years we, and a few of our close friends, go there on Christmas, New Years, 4th of July, Thanksgiving, etc to help out. For Valentine's Day, us guys put on ours tuxes and we wine, dine, & dance with the ladies for a couple of hours.

The cool part is that they start around 5:00 PM and by 7:00, they're done, tuckered out and going back to their rooms! And I get date night credit with SWMBO!

It's actually pretty cool. The ladies get all fancied up, putting on their brightest, reddest outfits, do up their hair, and get out their best dancing shoes. They've got a DJ that plays everything from Maurice Chevalier ("Thank Heaven for Little Girls") to Dean Martin ("That's Amore") to Lou Bega ("Mambo #5").

The problem is, I'm not much of a a matter of fact, I suck.

That's where SWMBO comes in. She's the diva of the dance floor in the family and is perfectly happy getting out there and sashaying herself around with whatever retiree is out there. While she dances for the two of us on the dance floor, I work the tables, sitting and chatting up the ones that can't walk or get around.

And did I mention I still get credit for date night....and dancing....and Valentine's Day all in one!

Actually we both have a blast. She got a pair of 90 year olds out there dancing tonight who were just as lively as anyone could hope to be in their 90s! I floated between a few tables where some of the ladies had had some recent operations (hips replaced, knees replaced, etc), patted their hands, asked about their grandchildren (one had grandchildren older than me!), brought them some red velvet cake and chocolate-covered strawberries and made a festive night of it.

Overall we all had a good time and as SWMBO and I drove back, we both realized that no matter how rough we might ever think we have it, life is actually pretty darn good and we're in pretty good shape (although I did tell her that she's just building up some goodwill and karma, waiting to knock me off so she can go live there herself.....that got me an elbow in ribs!)

So a good reminder for me....this living healthy thing isn't just a temporary to do it for the long haul....I'd like to think I can make it to my 90s and be just as fun, lucid, and active as some of the ladies I saw tonight!

Have a great night Spark friends
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