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State of the Union - 12-Step Spark Game

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

With a wee bit of imagination, a little more dubious free time, you too can invent a State of the Union Spark Game. Or, you can merely rip off mine. Here goes:

1. Applause - Big gulp of Sparky Water.

2. Standing Ovation - Out of your seat. Jumping jacks until everyone is seated.

3. "Middle Class" - Jog in Place for 30 seconds if Obama says this.

4. "America" - Another gulp of Sparky water if Obama says this.

5. Scowl from a Republican - Get out of your seat, go up or down a flight of stairs, then come back, if the TV cameras show this.

6. "Economy" - 3 pushups every time this word is said

7. "Jobs" or "Job" - run in place for 15 seconds each time you hear this

8. "Work" or "Workforce" - 3 situps each time one of these is uttered

9. If a non-NATO foreign country is named (i.e., North Korea, Iran, Israel, Somalia, Afghanistan, etc.) - Get up, go outside, run a lap around the building you are in.

10. "Future" or "Children" or "Child" - Another Sparky water slug down the hatch

11. "Education" - Get out your laptop and read a Sparky tip, secret of success or some such. It's your Spark education, after all.

12. "Tax" or "Taxes" - Buy something from one of the advertisers on this site each time you hear this!

Enjoy the speech. Or if you are like me (and trust me, I'm an Obama supporter) , I'll let the talking heads on CNN break it down for me tomorrow morning.
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