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NSV - The Garbage Disposal

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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Short Story - I can retrieve my own items out of the garbage disposal!! emoticon

Long Story - We built this house almost 3 years ago, and I put in the biggest garbage disposal I could find. Why? I don't know why, just in case I guess. I think this thing would grind up a cow emoticon Without getting too graphic, I gave the kiddos (my niece and grandson) a looooong lecture on how they should never EVER stick their hands down inside there. Bad things were sure to happen. emoticon

Well, I really didnt pay attention to the round opening in the event of run away items down the disposal. It was not apparent to me that I could not fit my hand down inside it until the first time I lost something. emoticon Why in the world would they make the opening so INCREDIBLY small that a woman could not even get her hand down in there to get something out!! emoticon How in the world could I get this item (whatever it was) out? Hmmmm "Oh kiddos!! Come here please!" emoticon

Well imagine the look of horror on my niece's face when I asked her to reach her hand down side this grinding funnel of appendage amputation! emoticon She is like, "but what about what you said about ....???" Well after I turned off the circuit breaker, whatever line of BS I was then trying to feed her, about oh temporarily forget all that other stuff....she wasn't buying it. emoticon

I can not recall now how we got it out. But I can tell you, for the last 3 years, I have been very careful so that nothing else would find it's way in. If it did, too bad. grrrrrrrrrrrr

That is... until tonight. I had the disposal on, as I dumped the last pot out, and I barely caught a glimpse of a metal measuring teaspoon. By this time, it is too late. It is already past the point of no return into the vortex of doom. emoticon

"Oh perfect" I think to myself. No I probably said that outloud - or worse. But then I thought to myself, "I have company coming in two days and I need to use the disposal. How am I ever going to get that out. No kiddos around and they aren't willing subjects anyways. Just perfect." I don't know what made me decide to just try it. I havent tried to put my hand in it for 3 years. Well... guess what? Oh, you already know what cuz you read the short story first, but yes!!! That is right!!! My hand fit just fine down inside the garbage disposal!!! emoticon Not something I recommend or advocate on a regular basis, but in a pinch, when you need a manual retrieving device for displaced items down the grinding vortex of appendage amputation doom.... I'm your gal!!!! emoticon
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