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I'm walking a little taller today

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

I had one of the ladies at my gym approach me after Zumba class last night. I've seen her off and on but only when her friend was also there. I noticed last week that she was there by herself and she had moved forward in class. I told her she was doing great and it was about time she got off the wall (typically, newer people stay to the back of the room 'against the wall' until they are feeling more confident).

Last night, she pulled me aside and told me that she wanted to thank me. "Why me?"

She talked about how she's wanted to lose weight forever and just didn't have the confidence. It turns out, she's been a member of the gym as long as I had been. I've lost 60lbs, gained strength and confidence. She has been in and out. Gained and lost the same 20 lbs. and was still relying on her friend being there for her to show up.

And I am there all the time, by myself. I started with oversized tee shirts and baggy sweats. Even though I'm still jiggly, I wear form fitting clothes now. I now even do the crazy thing and go into the area where the free weights are. That section is very... well... our gym is like a middle school dance. The boys use the free weights, the girls take classes and use machines. I may not use the same weigts as 'the boys' but they have learned that I DO know what I am doing.

She said it was the fact that I'm there almost every time she is. She's watched me help out new people. The instructors use me as the person who has the proper form in our weight lifting class. I'm up front right in front of the mirrors and not afraid to jump in when the instructor has to step away for a minute or they lose the beat. That I try all of the classes, and also cardio machines and free weights.

This all happended just a few days after my boss commented that since I have been on this journey, that I have more energy, I'm happier, more helpful and that is reflected in the quality of my work.

Now, I have to say here that I am NOT perfect. I lose track of food. I have gained back a couple of pounds. I make excuses on ocassion. But when I "fall off the wagon", I don't give up. I stand up, dust myself off and get my ever-shrinking-behind back on board! Right now I'm trying to find a balance between gaining strength and muscle and NOT re-gaining the weight that I worked so hard to lose. I struggle with food and not over-eating daily. But I have learned SO much and am ready and willing to share (without lecturing) with others.

It just felt good that someone was inspired by me and my journey. And today, I'm logging a bit better. I was going to 'play hooky" today so that I can get some packing done (I'm moving this weekend). But to the gym I will go.


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