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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Ever since i made my walking goal i have seemed to have gotten a little lazy on my walking. I have only done 25.6 miles since making the goal last year. Most of this has been taking care of business and about the last three to four days was moving from one apartment to the one next door. That was over 10,000 steps and over two miles worth. Wore me out. Lots of trips. Thank God it was just next door in the same hallway. It would have been worse if it wasn't. I have done a total of 70.91 since starting in late October 2012. I have not set another goal yet because i have gotten lazy. I have not been dieting like i should have. I have not tracked my food lately like i was because of that. For a few months I was tracking it all and it seemed like after I met my goal I just stopped doing it all. I have not been eating right and have tried. But living on food stamps at $140 a month with no cash left over from my SSI check to go towards food, it is not easy to eat healthy. My stomach doctor wants me to lose @ 20 lbs to shrink my liver and I have done that rather quickly it seemed like. When I saw him in October of ’12, at the first of the month, I weighed 339 and now I weigh 314. That’s twenty five lbs. I have gotten as low as 311 recently but jumped back up over the last few weeks. That is all due to not eating right. They want me to do a 1200 calorie diet for six months because of insurance rules before they will pay for the surgery. I am going to try to follow the soft food diet for the surgery this month starting today. I have pulled several reciepes off the lapband website and have bought the stuff for some. I picked reciepes that would make several servings and that I can put in 1 cup containers and freeze for later. One makes about 16 servings. All this and the others should last me till next month on the 9th when I get my stamps again. I want to lose @ ten lbs a month for these six months so I won’t need the surgery. That would bring me down to about 254 lbs. The diet starts when I go see my pcp later this month. He has to document my wieght loss each month. I plan to get back to walking every day like I was and eating right again. I can’t afford to follow a certain calorie diet but I can try to follow the reciepes for the band diet. After surgery I have to go on a liquid diet for a few weeks then pureed food and then soft and then back to solids. This takes about two months or so depending on your body and how well u can keep the food down. I really want to lose the wieght without the surgery so I am going to try to eat right now and forever. I was not able to buy any fruits but I did get some peaches and pears in the can. I have ran out of stamps and money for the month now. I had fruits on the list but I just was not able to get them this time. I had all ready used some stamps the other day so I did not have all of them yesterday. I promise I will get back to walking and eating better starting today, Feburary 12, 2013. One of the members asked how I was doing well as you can see from this blog, not to good. On the sad note, I had to make the unthinkable decision to put three of my babies (cats) up for adoption at the SPCA here in Houston, TX. I have not been able to find a job in the last two years to where I could take care of all four of them like I should. One got sick and I had to borrow money to take her to the vet and buy meds. I shouldn’t have to do that. I live on SSI and get less than eight hundred a month and after bills and buying cat supplies, I did not have anything left over for their medical needs, so if one got sick I could not take them to the vet. The person that loaned me the money for the one said that was the only time they would. I hated giving them up but the Lord told me it was the best thing to do for their well being. I know they will find them good loving homes soon. I hate that I can’t check on them because once you signed the paperwork, they won’t tell you anything. One was put back in the system since I got her from that shelter two years ago. The other two were rescued by friends and brought to me to find homes, but I was not able to and fell in love with them and kept them. This gave me four females. When I took them in, the ages were from one year to two years. One was four months old when I got her from there and the others were two months old when brought to me. One is about half a year older than the other. The one that I kept, I consider not adoptable. Why because she is not a people cat. She is very shy until she gets to know you and that takes you coming aroiund her many times. She is now seven years old which means she is in her 50’s, in human years. She is set in her ways and one of them is telling daddy to sit down in the recliner and put his legs up so she can lay in my lap and go to sleep. Sometimes she does not like to get up and lets me know it. I still love them and pray for them everynight.
Like I said above, I am going to get back to walking like I should be. At least half a mile to a mile a day. I know I can do it. I just seem to need a little motivation and a push now more than ever. I was doing so good there for a while but this year it has been sorry. I seemed to lose more weight while I was walking then when not. Just today I have done 1.80 miles just going to the laundry mat, walking. Well I think this is long enough so I will close for now.
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  • -POOKIE-
    Oh goodness, I'm so sorry,

    My cats mean the world to me, I know when I was receiving benefits, I had my parents willing to buy me food so I could manage.
    1924 days ago
    Tough giving up pets when you've gotten attached to them. They become like family but you did the best thing for them in the end. As for losing your focus, I can identify with that. When I set a goal last fall, I just slacked right off when the date was passed. Now I am working to get back to a healthier self as can you. Keep up the walking, even if you go slow, you are still lapping the couch potatoes. emoticon emoticon
    1925 days ago
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