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Blah blah, not happy.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Having a crappy couple weeks

We drove (well I drove) back Saturday from my fiancé's Grandad's funeral and I REALLY hurt from driving so much.

Had to take my engagement ring back to H Samuels... seriously UK people NEVER go there! My first ring didn't last a month before the stone fell out, now took it back as TWO stones are loose and apparently according to them its my fault and they wont repair it, and engagement ring is meant to last a lifetime, this didn't even last 6 months. I'm so upset and angry.

Oh and my maid of honour can't come to my wedding, now I officially have 3 guests there "for me" who are surprisingly my parents and brother, nobody else. Have nobody to replace this role and while I have my fiancé's sister as a bridesmaid, its now just strange to have one as she isn't a MOH as she has other things to do (she is singing and playing music for us).

Feeling pretty down right now.

so, yeah, ate right yesterday and today after 5 days of chaos resulting in horrendous bloating and un-doing any weight loss so far. You'd think having a dress I can't fit into would be enough to stop me eating my own body weight in cake, but apparently not...

I swam today despite being really sore from driving.
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    I'm so sorry about the crap you're having to deal with. :(

    Grrr... The cheek of H Samuels! Is there anyone higher up you can speak to? Sounds like they're taking advantage out of you. :(

    Also very sorry to hear about your MOH. I hope you can work it out positively with your Fiance and make the best with what you can do. I'm sure your day will still be amazing for the both of you - and that's all that matters.

    Well done going for a swim! :) And don't stress about indulging, just pick yourself up and dust yourself off. *hugs* to you my friend. xxx
    1891 days ago
    This is your day and it's about you and the man that you love. I know it seems importiant right now but try to forget about the dress and the ring and the bridal party. You and your fiance and the love you share should be center stage. Everything else is just stuff and dosen't matter. You already have an amazing story to share with your future children this can just be more of the story.

    I am sending hugs and good wishes your way for the most beautiful day of your life.

    1892 days ago
  • LEXIE63
    Why is it your fault? What did you do to cause the stones to fall out? Enquiring minds want to know. :-)
    Good choices in spite of the hassles show you are doing well in spite of the stress though, so good for you!
    Lex xxx
    1895 days ago
    Sorry to hear of your difficulties. It is a real shame about the ring. Is there a more reputable jeweler to repair the ring? I used my mom's ring when I was engaged and all the stones were loose AND it needed to be made smaller as mom had had rheumatoid arthritis. I think that my dad just took it to a good jeweler and they fixed everything. I wore it a lot for about 15 years, but the stones and everything are still fine after 30 years)

    The wedding party will sort itself out. You have the man you love, so just celebrate the day. It will all come right.

    1895 days ago
    try going to citizens advice and see if there is anything you can do or contact trading standards that really sucks about the ring
    my ring is ruined but i chose pearls and i also chose to wear it all the time despite being told not to. you obviously chose a ring to wear all the time and it should be fit for purpose

    emoticon mm emoticon m
    1896 days ago
  • MARUKI52
    This is all very sad for you and your fiance and to happen at such a time too. Unfortunately it seems to me that weddings rarely go smoothly, mine certainly didn't, but I sincerely hope things work out well for you and your fiance in the end. Hugs.
    1896 days ago
  • ROCKMAN6797
    1896 days ago
    hope continued movement helps you work out the soreness. i am sorry to hear about the ring and the maid of honour, both those situations just stink. hopefully some sunshine and happy comes your way soon friend. sending love!
    1896 days ago
    Oh Pookie, It'll work out just find. I know you want things perfect -- the MO and the ring -- and it will work out just the way it's suppose to, but REMEMBER you get the man you love. Trust me -- I'd give anything to have mine back. Hang in there and STOP overeating before I have to fly to the UK and be your MO myself. Hugs darlin'. XXOO
    1896 days ago
    So sorry for these distressing situations, my friend.

    But you know what, I see some healthy choices peeking through in spite of it all: "ate right yesterday and today" "I swam today despite being really sore from driving. "

    Things will work out, my friend. You'll see.

    Tight, tight emoticon
    1896 days ago
    Pookie, I am so sorry. It seems that things never run smoothly with weddings. When it comes to your ring, you are right, engagement rings are meant to last a lifetime. I am sending you many emoticon
    1897 days ago
    As if things aren't rough enough, now you've got to worry about losing stones from your engagement ring! Hope things look up soon!!
    1897 days ago
    Well done for the swim : ) I probably would have sat at home and eaten my own weight in cake again.
    I hope things get better for you soon.
    1897 days ago
  • MARTY728
    Sorry! Here in the USA, in your situation you can go the Government Office of Consumer Protection and file a complaint that they will investigate and if necessary bring charges against a company - store.

    I am hoping that you there is some organization you can appeal this too.

    1897 days ago

    Ugh. What a run of bad luck/bad circumstance! *sigh* Your best consolation is what a great story this will make in future years. "Someday we'll look back at this and it will all seem funny....."
    1897 days ago
    1897 days ago
    Oh Pookie, I'm so sorry. *HUGS* You've gone through enough lately, the last thing you need is a faulty engagement ring.
    1897 days ago
    Oh sweetie. You're going through some heavy stuff right now. I'm so sorry. Let it out though. Bitch and moan if you have to to make you feel better - we're here and we're listening! Sending you hugs!
    1897 days ago
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