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The JOY Has Come!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Lord has a sense of humor! Whenever, I feel pushed up against the wall by day to day demands or when I have someone pushing at me to turn in that report......I sometimes dig my heels in. Perhaps it's due to a loss of control and a feeling of not wanting to be bullied. But every so often, I will hold back and not "jump high" and then will slide that report in right at the last moment...

Well, in the same sense, I've been praying about what to give up for Lent and have seen some remarkable posts about doing for others as well as self-denial. I've always been taught that Lent is about denying yourself something that you really love. In my world there are those who if they give up soda or candy will put the money in a jar (the amount they would've spent on those items) and then turn the money in for missionary work.

I had already decided not to do sodas or desserts thanks to the 42 Days to Fit that I am partaking in, then I decided to add no fried foods to that list because I felt a whole lot better when I refrained from those delicious morsels.

This morning, the Lord spoke and said "Okay, now that you have your list, here's my list that I want you to follow." How can you argue with that?

The Lord's idea? To intentionally put JOY into the next 40 days. JOY is an acronym for Jesus first (how fitting that the Lord chose this?) Yourself last (but not to be forgotten) and Others inbetween.

Therefore, for the next 40 days I will intentionally put JESUS first in whatever I do; I will intentionally think of OTHERS before myself and I will intentionally look out for MYSELF. After all, this isn't about JO!

It's intentional JOY!
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