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Negative Nancies

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

I am trying (and struggling) to eat healthier. My psyche is a bit scarred from seeing how animals are slaughtered for mass produced food, and I haven't been able to handle, cook, or (gasp) eat meat since. I was borderline vegetarian before anyway. This was just the shove over the edge.

I feel educated, and that I don't want to feed myself the over processed, over treated garbage. Be it meat, fruit, veggies, etc. I'm trying to get back to basics as much as possible. I've been cutting out processed sugars (the diet coke headaches are starting to fade), I've been studying and learning how much natural sugars a person (or child) should consume in a day, and I'm trying to help my entire family have better health.

My roadblock? Everyone around me. My boss's son works for a butcher where they kill and "process" meats of all kinds. She doesn't think or feel the same as I do, which I completely understand and respect. But she sometimes makes me feel as if I am an alien because I feel the way I do. I was complaining that my child is offered ONLY milk at the day therapy school she goes to, and she looked at me in awe and asked me what else I expect her to drink.
Water. She then argues how will she get the calcium she needs? In my research, I've learned that cow's milk you buy in the store actually leeches calcium out of your bones, and it is best to get it from natural sources such as veggies, soy products, beans, and nuts (collard greens, soy yogurts, Okra, Navy Beans, Broccoli, Almonds)

(The below link has a good list of non milk products that provide calcium)

I don't tell them they shouldn't drink milk, or eat McDonalds hamburgers. I don't shun them for it, or treat them poorly because they chose to do it. I do however want to teach my children there is a better way to eat. I want my kids to understand that milk doesn't do a body good just because all of the commercials on TV says it does. This doesn't make me a bad person, or someone who is worthless. I'm just different than them, and I'm tired of all of the negative comments I get for it. I don't eat meat.. so what. It's my body, I will reap the benefits or suffer the consequences. This is what I feel I need to do to ward off cancer (if that is even possible), to lose weight, to feel better for once in my miserable life.

Am I perfect? No. Am I the picture of health? emoticon Am I trying to become healthier? emoticon

I hope that in a few months when I've shed weight, have energy, and am loving life, these Negative Nancies will back off, and leave me be. Until then, I will practice my vegetarianism in as much silence as possible to avoid being burned at the "steak". emoticon

emoticon T.
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    Your blog is wonderful and you sound like you have picked a wonderful path for yourself and your family!! But....Food is like religion. Best to practice in silence!! emoticon

    Check out Inside Out Weight Loss Podcasts. There is a team (disclaimer, I am a leader :) and there are links to the free podcasts. You can link to the team from my page.

    Renee Stephens (the author) has helped me go a LONG way toward fixing my internal struggles with food and body image which in turn has helped me to fend off Negative Nancies and to keep my equilibrium regarding my decisions.


    :¦:-* ♥ ~ Hugs,
    (¨`•.•´¨) ```
    `•.¸ (¨ `•.•´¨) ♥♥†♥♥
    (¨`•.•´¨) ¸.•´
    ``•.¸.•´ ~~
    1924 days ago

    Comment edited on: 2/16/2013 6:30:52 AM
    I have gone through the same thing...loved ones who are miffed that nope I don't want to come over for a BIG fattening dinner.
    I have endured little comments from people who say...SHE WON'T EAT THAT!
    Or at dinner while dining out...WHAT can you eat?
    Refer to my food (in my face) as "GLOP"...disgusting.
    All I could think about is...the person who said it is every bit of 300 lbs. I USE TO BE 230 myself...and now I am 65 LIGHTER. If eating disgusting GLOP does that...I will just continue eating it...and WHEN she's ready to shed a few extra lbs. SHE MIGHT TRY SOME HERSELF.

    ...its okay.
    In fact I have learned that people really don't mean that much harm...they are merely coming from their own frame of reference on the topic

    I understand and RESPECT they haven't made the changes over time I HAVE.
    I understand and RESPECT they are not willing to make sacrifices to improve their health and I HAVE.
    I understand and RESPECT they haven't made a commitment to living healthy everyday as I HAVE.
    I understand and RESPECT they admire me for the positive changes I have made...and WISH they could do the same but it is NOT THAT EASY.

    Nobody deserves to be disrespected...but in a country that is led by THE MEDIA for most of its thoughts on what's good and bad we are up against a powerful force. I choose not to argue about it.

    When I don't feel offended, I go to the people who I believe will take it kindly and tell them...I understand how position but I have made some discoveries through study and I am taking a different path. I don't get into all the details UNLESS someone asks...and even then I don't allow it to become an argument.

    Peace be to you...and keep doing your best to educate yourself and help your kids to live a healthy life from childhood on. GOOD JOB!
    1925 days ago
    I'M SO PROUD OF YOU!!!! YAY! YAY! YAY!!!!! emoticon emoticon emoticon
    It is hard at times with the snide remarks. Try cutting out gluten too and it really ups the remarks. lol! "I couldn't live like you, you just can't eat ANYTHING!" "Vegan AND Gluten free?! There's nothing you can eat."
    But who cares!!! You are awesome!! Screw Em!!! lol!!! So proud of you!! emoticon
    1925 days ago
    Thanks for posting the links to all that great information.

    I agree with how you view the killing of the animals. It makes me sad. I have been trying to go Vegan for a while now, doing it one step at a time.

    Do what is best for you and your family...
    I agree, ignore the nancies.

    1926 days ago
    Ahhh... I was vegan for a while in my 20's, until I realized that it absolutely did not agree with my body. I remember the constant haranguing from well-meaning family members and friends so well!

    It seems like people lash out (whether they do it "politely" or not) against anything they see as "threatening." If you're right, then she must be wrong...

    Anyway, keep making good choices for yourself and your family and let your health and happiness be the reward! Maybe invest in some earplugs in the mean time???
    1927 days ago
    I know EXACTLY how you feel. Everyone, and I do mean EVERYONE, I have told that my family and I are going full Paleo has had a mouthful to say about it.

    Oh well.

    In the end, it's your life and you're the only one that has to live it. You're doing what's best for your child (keyword: YOUR). Let them say what they want.

    They live their lives their way, you live it yours. And what an amazing example you're setting!! Keep up the great work!!
    1928 days ago
    Sorry you are going through this! You know what's best for you and your family so the heck with them. emoticon
    1928 days ago
    Stay strong and stand up for your own personal health. Don't let anyone or anything dull your SPARK!!!
    1928 days ago
    I'm so proud of you! You're making the decision to do what you think is best for yourself and your family. emoticon
    Keep ignoring those Negative Nellies or Nancys or Neds for that matter.

    Funny thing about this journey to a healthy lifestyle, it's taken me places I NEVER thought I'd go. My younger sister and her husband are vegetarians and I use to think she was a nut. We'd throw barbecues and when they wanted my husband to cook their bean burgers he'd make fun of them and pretend he didn't want them toughing his grill. But now, we've changed so much! They STILL aren't allowed to put their bean burgers on our grill, but because they're store bought and processed. We've made them for them for them from scratch! emoticon emoticon

    1928 days ago
    You know what's best for you....ignore the nancies.
    1928 days ago
    You should do whatever works for YOU. It's YOUR body!@
    1928 days ago
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