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What Day is today???

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

it all started the thursday before last... we had just come back from dinner and my 6 year old complained of nausea. I thought she just ate too much, or the sweet tea got to her, or even that the food didnt settle well with her. She had a fitful sleep, but never threw up. In the morning i woke her up to take my oldest to school and when she started walking, she said it hurt to walk and that there was a pain in her right lower side, and that is where it began. I dropped my oldest off at school and off to Texas Childrens Hosp. we went. I was nervous and worried and to be honest, i had no idea where that hosptial was, i had to follow directions my husband gave me over the phone. Finally, like after forever and a lifetime we get there. She goes straight to triage and she looks fine. They give us a room in the er and a resident doctor takes a look at her. Makes her jump up and down, walk from one place to another, presses her belly and all that other good stuff.. She says she is sure its not appendicitis but that the head er doctor would be in soon to confirm... Finally that doctor came in made my baby repeat it all then said he was pretty sure its not appendicitis but they will do a quick ultrasound to confirm.. in the meantime, im wondering why i got so worried in the first place cause my baby is no longer hurting.. she is happy to jump for the doctors, was walking for them like she was power walking, and was in a great mood... finally we go down to get the ultrasound.. the tech is taking the pics she needs then asked me if she was on any pain med. i tell her no and the she tells me she must have a high tolerance for pain.. that was alarm number one going off in my head.. then she tells me that she needs to confirm with the radiologist which pics she was suppose to take.. alarm number 2 ( since the order she had would tell her that) .. alarm number 3 is when the radiologist comes in the room.. i just knew that wasnt right.. then he confirms it.. she has appendicitis.. room was spinning.. heart was pounding and i look over and my kid is asking for stickers like this is just another day.. Things were slow after that.. er doctor confirmed diagnosis.. they said words emergency surgery.. admitting her.. no eating or drinking.. It is so hard to tell your child that she will need to have surgery.. all i could come up with is.. " Baby there is a part in your stomach that is broken and the doctors will have to get it out" .. then without much warning, they call her in for surgery... she looked fine.. she was afraid she would wake up during the surgery .. really afraid of that.. she told the surgery nurse that before they start they need to ask her a question.. if she doesnt answer then she is asleep and if she does answer dont start yet cause she is still awake.. the nurse promised to do just that and the anesthesiologist came in and talked to her about how his whole job is to keep her alseep and how he is good at his job... she looked comforted by the words... then they took her.. it was so heart breaking to see her go... but and hour later all was well and she did just fine they said.. it hadnt ruptured and we could see her... She woke up enough to eat a popsicle then slept the rest of the night. In the morning she was like a rabbit.. ready to hop out of bed. We went to the hosp. floor dedicated for recreation for the kids.. we did puzzles, she got her nails done and her hair done. She was happy and healthy.. she went home that day.. about 16 hours after the surgery.. Fast forward to monday ( three days after surgery) .. i was taking a shower and she shows up with something in her hand.. it was the sterie strips they put to close her incision in her belly button.. she had pulled them out..... even though we had talked about how we werent going to touch them.. I call surgeon.. he says its fine.. i tell him i see drainage and some red flesh.. he says its normal.. i ask can i send him a pic.. he gets frustrated.. he saids all is fine.. i dont believe him so make appointment with her pediatrian for next day.. ped. sends me to er .. 5 hours later i find out the surgeon was right.. all is fine.. thursday night she starts to complain that it hurts when she pees.. off to the doctor we go on friday.. Antibiotics have irritated her but other than that .. she is well ... She missed a whole week of school.. and this weekend we worked on the homework .. took her to see a movie, church on sunday and then her first day back yesterday. Today is the first day in over a week i feel like i can breathe.. The hardest part for me is not crying and falling apart like i wanted to cause her eyes were always on me, Looking to see if tis all ok, looking to see if she should be worried about it all.. So i really need a good cry .. but goodness who has the time? Cant right now.. im at work.. cant at home.. there is so much to get done... so it will have to wait... till it cant wait no longer or the feeling passes.. What a week !!! What day is today ?????
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    Well good for you for getting her in. I'm sure the symptoms of appendicitis is something I would definitely miss!

    I had to spend a week with my daughter in Pediatric ICU when she was 14 months old though, and I know how hard that stuff can be. I think it is harder on the parents than the child sometimes.

    glad she is feeling better.
    1950 days ago
    she will recover faster than you will. it's absolutely terrifying to send your kid into surgery. she must have had excellent care.
    1952 days ago
    That is horrible! What a rough week! I remember when i received a phone call at work that my little baby sister was being admitted to the ER because she had had an allergic reaction to a cat and they'd have to do surgery to open her airways. It was beyond frightening and there were no words that could make me feel better about watching someone so small and still be so helpless to make them better yourself. I'm glad that your daughter made it through everything safe and sound. She seems like a tough little girl! She gets her strength from somewhere and I'm betting it's you. :)
    1953 days ago
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